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    So What are our thoughts on the draw???

    I think it’s the best draw we have had in some time. Turn around are good and most of our time slots are good. Only play the Storm and the Chooks once is a bonus. If there is such a thing we have a good start playing non top eight teams for the first few weeks. Have not researched how we are...
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    Gee I hate it

    just thinking of backline we could have 1 Teddy 2 paps 3 Suli 4 Doueihi 5 Nofo 6 Moses/ Benji 7 Brooks And there is also the odd forward who is playing elsewhere. I know most clubs have the same story but it hurts when you see what we have and what we could have had
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    Why has the club stopped communicating with its fan base???

    Last year we got heaps of info from the club on a range of things. Both Pascoe and Cleary did plenty of interviews and were pretty open on most things happening. Of course it slowed down a tad when IC defected. Anyway 2019 roles around and Pascoe is silenced by his ban, but from that time it’s...
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    In a deep dark hole once again

    I remember a few years back, listening to Taylor, Goh and Pascoe telling us we have to take our medicine and our cap has been mis managed and we had to wade through a couple of really hard years. The words were loud and clear that we would be smarter and stronger when we got the books balanced...
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    Plug for a mate

    Hey folks, a few of you Tiger tragics May have already listen to it, but for those who don’t know, my mate Eddie who use to be a regular Poster has teamed up with another guy who has a media background and are doing a weekly podcast on the Tigers. It’s a really good listen,very well presented...
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    NRL Nightmare

    The final 8 is basically done and dusted two months from finals time. For the rest of the years there are going to be plenty of nothing games. Crowd numbers will tail off big time and media ratings will drop. To me it proves, there is a real shortage of NRL standard players and when they do...
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    Sin Bin

    You know what gives me the sh.ts........The length of time it takes for a player after being binned to leave the field. Last night the game stopped for about 3 minutes while Merrin argued with the ref and than took the longest route to the dressing room at snails pace. Its not only Merrin, it...
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    With Josh due back very soon, what will Cleary do??? Will he send him over to Hogo for a week or two to get some match fitness or will it be straight back to the bench?? I think he needs two weeks with Hogo, but I doubt that will happen and that will result in a benchie getting the chop. With...
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    Cleary did not want him, when The dogs were chasing the three turds, Hasler said he did not want Moses but would take the other two and than Parra stepped up to the plate and thought they got a world beater. Have a guess what...Cleary and Hasler were on the money he is a pea heart with crap attitude
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    Another forum has reported Suli has been released to the Dogs

    Not sure of the validity, bur the drunk Rothfield has just tweeted that we have released Suli to the Dogs. Maybe the worlds longest ankle injury has something more sinister connected to it!! I really thought we had a gun in the making and to release him to the Dogs is a double blow. Anyway I...
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    Thoughts on 2017/2018

    I am not going into a long winded rap of the year but at the end of 2016 although we just missed the 8 I was pretty negative about our chance in 2017, based on what we produced at the end of the season in a few games we had to win. Funny enough this year is a total different feeling. I think...
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    2017 What a year in Tigertown

    During the off season I was quietly confident we were in for a good year...How wrong can you be. We have had one set back after another 1..Lovett caught with white stuff 2..Simona bombshell 3-Taylors axeing 4--the defection of the three egos and all the crap that went with it 5--the continuous...
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    Grant now a done deal

    The club has officially announced the signing of Grant to a three year deal and in the press released they said the contract was very rewarding in the Tigers favour,meaning the Rabbits are picking up a substantial chunk of the contract. He will be a very good signing for us,just what we need...
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    Mayer Resigned

    Media release by Weststigers, grant Mayer has resigned and Phill Moss will do his job to a replacement is found. The guy made a lot of enemies and was in your face, but I think he did a fair job when you consider what he took over from. My guess he will turnhj up at Manly some time in the near...
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    Baghdad bob at it again

    Chief minister for propaganda and communications Baghdad Bob also know as Grant Mayer has been frantically releasing little good news stories in a attempt to put out the fire that is raging at Camp Concord. Two massive signings of fringe First graders in Aka and Ava and Harry T hocking himself...
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    So whats the big news on tuesday?????

    Blocker Roach said on radio today that the club was to make a massive announcement on Tuesday and it was not Potters sacking???? maybe 1----new sponsorship deal???? 2----Brian Smith director of coaching??? 3----new training ground??? 4----New CEO 5----the signing of a plodder from the ESL Or...
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    Has Potter got it all wrong

    Went out last Sunday and noticed we were playing a very flat structure, trying to make headway by the means of flat selective passes to players in traffic. Last night all four teams were standing deep and doing their attacking work at speed and lots of ball movement. We looked like plodders in...
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    Dogs Spine

    I know it's very early days but gee I think the dogs have problems with their spine The no1. Is solid but is never going to blow a team away from the back in attack The no6. Is a very good link man but not sure he is a great no6 No7. Just to slow for the way the game is played today...
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    2014 Make or Break Year For The JV

    I see next year as probably the most crucial year in its short history. At present we are standing on top of the cliff, the club is under massive pressure on all fronts,their are big money problems,boardroom in disarray and of course on field performances are not what they should be. A winning...
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    Is Mick Potter a shot duck????

    The drums are getting louder in Tigertown that Mick Potter might get the flick and the word is Trent Barrett and Tod Payten may take over. Only the Tigers dis functional board could sack a coach who has done so much to install accountability,break down the boys club and try and introduce the...