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  1. BestHookerRein

    Inside Australia's Greatest Rugby League Side we've ever seen This is something I never thought I'd say... What a well written article by Buzz.
  2. BestHookerRein

    Teddy is done

    Lets all give Jarryd Hayne a massive congrats on his NSW Selection at Fullback
  3. BestHookerRein

    Good Guy Mead NEW recruit David Mead has offered to help solve Brisbane’s centre conundrum after taking a whopping $200,000 pay cut in pursuit of a...
  4. BestHookerRein

    Forum Rules

    Is there are place where I can see the forum rules?
  5. BestHookerRein

    The Society Good to see some action is being taken against a completely incompetent board.
  6. BestHookerRein

    Twitter Live Stream

    Recently, Twitter, in association with the NFL have been streaming live games for free over Social Media, and it got me thinking. The stream works absolutely seamlessly, especially compared to Optus' recent Premier League coverage. Should this be an avenue to NRL should look at heading?
  7. BestHookerRein

    Wayne Bennett's Extra Curricular Activities

    As if you'd sleep with a girl named Dale.
  8. BestHookerRein

    Where does Nick Ghabar rank amongst Match Review Committee Lawyers?

    That wasn't just a not guilty verdict, that was a miracle.....
  9. BestHookerRein

    Fans of Knockout teams....

    Who are you going for in the finals? 1. Raiders 2. Titans 3. Panthers 4. Cowboys 5. Scum 6. Scum II 7 Scumier 8 Scumiest

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