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  1. langpark

    Past series' betting odds - help needed

    I am looking to find the betting odds for each match or series in years gone by. Does anyone know where I can find this sort of thing? I have run quite a few searches and come up with nothing. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
  2. langpark

    South Australia

    Was today's Origin match accompanied by any sort of development strategy? I watched the entire broadcast and was really disappointed, not a single mention of local teams in SA. We heard the commentators say half a dozen times how nice the cricket scoreboard looked, but zero plugs for any teams...
  3. langpark

    When/why did the logo change?

    Did I miss something? or did they officially announce that they are changing logo? Seems to have just happened without them making any mention of it.
  4. langpark

    RLWC21 "challenge"

    A personal goal of mine is to get to as many matches as possible. Just looking at logistics only for a minute (not cost), here is what I have come up with so far. Wherever a match has fallen on the same day, I have listed the distances between each stadium (and in green, the distance between...
  5. langpark

    Song about USARL

    Has anyone seen this? The Wiggles, it seems are massive RL fans and made a song about USA Rugby League! Sure, it's from the Tomahawks days, but still, not bad. They have a few other RL-related videos too.
  6. langpark

    Full-time 'pitch invasions'

    I noticed the crowd was let onto the field after the All-Stars match. Also, it used to be an obligatory ritual on Grand Final day. Somewhere (I think) in the early 90s though, it seems it suddenly stopped happening. Does anyone know why? I think it is a great thing and would love it if they...
  7. langpark

    Women's teams announced

    Brazil seems to have come a bit out of nowhere. But let's hope they can be a surprise package of the tournament!
  8. langpark

    Who should replace Lebanon in WC 2021?

    It is clear, that in their current state, their is no way on earth they can field a team at the WC. I don't even mean a 'good' team either, I honestly doubt whether they can find 17 able-bodied males or not! So, RLIF must make a decision quickly. I think the most logical thing would be for...
  9. langpark

    Demetriou a free agent

    Broncos have released him. Will any other NRL clubs be interested / have room for him?
  10. langpark

    Help needed, 4 days by bus then a broken leg

    In case you haven't heard about this, please have a read! Colombian player travelled 3160km just to play a match, then in the match, broke is leg. Had the operation, and is now having trouble getting home. Fans have done a great job chipping in to cover his expenses, with $700 donated so...
  11. langpark

    ANZAC day round in 2019?

    Could it be a success? Since it will be a Thursday next year, have all the previous round on the Saturday so every team will have a 5-day turnaround. Public holiday and no Broncos matches, could be a recipe for some good crowds.
  12. langpark

    Rugby League goalposts

    I might be getting permission soon to set up some goalposts at my local field. I am sure I will have more questions later on, but for now the main thing I'd like to know is; For the full-size, NRL-style goalposts, does anyone know how deep into the ground they go?
  13. langpark

    RLIF is hiring!

    Interesting development...
  14. langpark

    Return of the sin-bin

    After Round 2 there have now been a total of 7 sin-bins. So it looks like we'll see them a lot more than in previous years. 2017: 43 2016: 17 It has always been a pet hate of mine, when a professional foul is committed at a critical moment, and only seeing a penalty given. Sin-bin is a...
  15. langpark

    Names on backs of shirts

    It seems a players name on the back of the jersey is something that's only done in Origin now. I seem to remember national teams doing it, but it seems none are doing it now. Anyone know roughly when they stoppe doing this? I probably dont need to ask why, im assuming its to fit more sponsors...
  16. langpark

    European rankings (domestic development)

    Something I've long been curious about. Not the national team rankings, but each nation is judged on how healthy it's domestic scene is looking. I know it will be debatable, but I think this will be very close and I can back most of it up with figures (number of active clubs, matches per year...
  17. langpark

    Season tickets

    Hull FC: 8000+ Newcastle Thunder: 100+ far. Pretty good from both clubs. Anyone heard any other figures?
  18. langpark

    For/against or head-to-head rule?

    I see Fiji play Italy next. If Italy manage to win, they'll be on even points with Fiji. But, they will need to win by 46 points or more in order to have a better for-and-against than Fiji. Does anyone know if it decided based on for-and-against or is the head-to-head rule in effect?
  19. langpark

    Pelissier sent home

    For breaking curfew apparently. Announced by the FFRXIII. Real shame, he's always been one of their most dangerous players IMO.,3066829.php
  20. langpark

    Referee appointments

    So far we've had: Aus vs Eng - Cecchin (AUS) PNG vs Wales - Cummins (AUS) NZ vs Samoa - Child (UK) Fiji vs USA - Perenara (NZ) Pretty good mix so far. Any word on the refs for tomorrow's matches?

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