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    Shaun Sauni-Esau Tackle&__twitter_impression=true Another one gone
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    Ben Dobbin Channel 9 Brisbane just reported that we have offered a 3 yr deal to Andrew McCulloch immediately. Brisbane reportedly refusing to release him.
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    Robinson I that is why we finished 15th and...
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    This on

    Article on re personal and club milestones to be achieved this year - "St George Illawarra require 35 tries to reach 2000 total four-pointers as a joint venture." I'm expecting that to be achieved around 2025 and only if they shorten the field by 5 metres.
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    Matterson Looks like he wont be in the red V
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    This guy has to be seriously policed. I lost count last night of how many times he led with his elbow at the face of our players whilst carrying the ball. Rub him out of the game before he breaks someones jaw. If it was good enough for Craig Smiths knees then its good enough for this thugs forearms.
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    Feeling the heat You know we are in trouble when the team thinks that De Belin can ball-play.
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    Farce And his why this game is a farce. Parra are not the only club doing this and it's no wonder we cant get the players that we go after...
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    ha ha ha ha

    NRL website "The Tigers will seek compensation from the Dragons, as Marshall still had two seasons to run on his contract when he quit Concord at the end of last season." My response to Tigers: get f**ked, p*ss off, go f**k yourself, shove it where the sun don't shine you hypocritical...
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    Team vs Eels

    Dragons 1 Jason Nightingale 2 Brett Morris 3 Chase Stanley 4 Charly Runciman 5 Daniel Vidot 6 Adam Quinlan 7 Nathan Fien 8 Jack Stockwell 9 Mitch Rein 10 Ben Creagh (c) 11 Tyson Frizell 12 Leeson Ah Mau 13 Jack de Belin Interchange 14 Matt Prior 15 Michael Weyman 16 Bronson...
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    Suck eggs Smith

    Melbourne Storm captain Cameron Smith has blasted the two referee system that will operate in the NRL this season, declaring it would do more harm than good. Smith has played two pre-season matches with two whistle-blowers and said it hadn't achieved the NRL's aim of making the game faster...

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