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    Eye Candy for Losers- FYI only sealed section, HA HA
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    Expansion report

    Report into NRL expansion concludes 17th team doesn’t add up By Adrian Proszenko June 23, 2021 — 6.28pm The introduction of a new Queensland NRL team would generate between $15.5 million and $33.7 million, not enough money to offset the negative impacts on existing clubs, according to a...
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    Foxtel- 'going concern' Loans/costs.

    Quote Foxtel current cost base is $1.6 billion split between sport/ and Non sport, ie drama Foxtel will try to lower sports costs ie as with No bid for Rugby and current A league legal/contractual problems...
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    TV Beattie is a sook/Rapes and Racism

    This article has it all Dragon players say "— everyone has assumed de Belin is done. But if you listen to some folk at the Dragons they say he will get off. Why not have a indigenous team in the world cup. That gets rid of not wanting to stand/sing the national anthem...
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    ScoMo Real Rubgy league fan and Player when lived at Bronte

    Old threat i found on the net Brutus Referee Joined: Oct 14, 2003 Messages: 25,499 Likes Received: 874,22049,24389193-5001021,00.html Rooster, Swan or goose? FEDERAL Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull has mixed up politics with footy as the...
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    WIN TV 50% Dragons/Illawarra Kings of the hill: Dragons fans at WIN Stadium this year. Picture: Adam McLean Rewind 18 months and – in a wide-rainging interview – Bruce Gordon delivers emphatic support...
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    Greg Thompson will get the boot! 100% fox sports

    Greg Thompson stood down Open in private/incognito What a wanker and he was creepy GFL MEDIA Sky presenter stood down pending investigation The Australian...
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    If a player throws a ball deliberately into another player there will be a penalty

    “What you’ll see from this weekend is if a player throws a ball deliberately into another player there will be a penalty. “I’ve given a directive to the referees today to make sure that doesn’t happen. “I didn’t like what I saw on the weekend and we’ll change that immediately.”...
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    2018 Foxtel Pay TV Only RATINGS

    See this site for ratings Source decider
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    StripClub: Manly break curfew to Go

    Big story broken by Boozed up Slothfield Fines 10k but players not named. Who can they be? This all 'went down' in Gladstone, maybe someone with local knowledge can supply pics, Tele: After a round five loss against the Gold Coast Titans the team was told to be in the hotel before the set...

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