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  1. 2 weeks

    Coronavirus Round 1

    South Sydney Rabbitohs Sydney Roosters Teams Fullback 1. Wade McKinnon 1. Brett Mullins Wing 2. Scott McLean 2. Shannon Hegarty Centre 3. Russell Richardson 3. Ryan Cross Centre 4. Andrew King 4. Justin Hodges Wing 5. Brent Grose 5. Anthony Minichiello Five-Eighth 6...
  2. 2 weeks

    Lloyd Pope

    Pennywise Pope just ripped Queensland apart in his 2nd Shield game. 7/87 His googlyo_Oo_Oo_O
  3. 2 weeks

    The Kosciuszko

    Love the idea, bit iffy on the race name. Just bought my first 5 tickets through the app. Gives us battlers a crack at some real dosh. If you win a slot, negotiations would be interesting. Victorem is one i'd like.
  4. 2 weeks

    Form 13 in the comp so far

    Another list thread. Post who ya think has been the best 13. Mine is: Ponga Fergo Latrell Inglis Cotric Jimmy Maloney Ben Hunt RCG Cook James Graham Frizz John Sutton Sam Burgess
  5. 2 weeks

    Vic Radley

    A Roosters local junior who goes okay.
  6. 2 weeks

    Dylan Walker's bad week.

    Face smashed in and then this
  7. 2 weeks

    Your best Aussie Test XI

    If you had to pick an Aussie Test XI that you would love to watch play, who would it be? I'd go Warner Hayden Bradman Smith Border (c) Tugger Waugh K Miller Gilly Warnie DK Lillee Pidge 12thy Ponting
  8. 2 weeks

    Where to for MP7?

    The chances of the Roosters re-signing him are not good, & he is a Premiership winning half, who has played plenty of rep footy, so he would be hot property if he was on the open market. But which club would make him the best offer? St George or Titans i reckon, but what do youse think?

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