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  1. The Pelican

    The Club is announcing a five-year partnership to play one match a season at Gosford.

    The Club will this morning be announcing a five-year partnership to play one match a season at Central Coast Stadium. This will commence in Round 16 of the upcoming 2015 NRL Season when we host the Gold Coast Titans on Sunday June 28 at 2pm. The strategic decision to play one home game per...
  2. The Pelican

    Trent Robinson is keeping the Sydney Roosters honest We don't lie down. That's not an edict at the Roosters but a philosophy, and that's where Trent Robinson is different from the rest. From the moment he walked into...
  3. The Pelican

    3, 2, 1 vs Warriors

    3. Maloney 2. Jennings 1. Friend
  4. The Pelican

    3,2,1 vs Tigers

    3. Pearce 2. Moa 1. Mini
  5. The Pelican

    3, 2, 1, vs Titans

    3. JWH 2. Jimmy Maloney 1. Mini RTS and Evans are both unlucky to miss out.
  6. The Pelican

    3, 2, 1 vs Dragons

    3. Friend 2. JWH 1. Jennings
  7. The Pelican

    3, 2, 1 vs Sharks

    3. Friend 2. Kane Evans 1. Maubs That was one of the most embarrassing and pathetic displays from us i've ever seen. Everyone of the players apart from a select few should be ashamed of themselves. Robbo has a hell of a lot of work ahead of him to get these lazy pricks up to the level...
  8. The Pelican

    Roosters strut their focus on development with pride Sydney Roosters are the first club to commit to a new NRL strategy of formalising a secondary affiliation with an area outside their traditional territory in a move the...
  9. The Pelican

    3,2,1 vs Knights

    I'm finding it hard to find three players to give points to, it was a disgraceful effort tonight and i just hope we get a lot of work done before we play Manly after the bye, because we'll get beaten by 30 if we play like that against them. 3. Friend 2. Pearce 1. Liu Moa unlucky to miss out.
  10. The Pelican

    3, 2, 1s vs Storm

    3. Jimmy 2. SBW 1. Friendy
  11. The Pelican

    Question to Penrith fans about Tim Grant

    What's happening with Grant. Has he had a falling out with Cleary or something because he is by far your best Front Rower imo. You guys couldn't make a dent in Parra's line today but yet he sits in reserve grade? He's gone from SOO to reserve grade despite being one of the best props in the game...
  12. The Pelican

    Maitua reveals he attempted suicide

    IF these walls could talk they'd speak of the devastation that follows repeat effort for no reward. They'd speak of the veneer of hardened men at breaking point. They'd speak of not only persistent defeat, but sheer demoralisation. These walls belong to the away dressing room beneath Suncorp...