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  1. W.Smith

    NRL Club Day on Fox 1 Saturday Saints

    Was scrolling through th Foxtel EPG and noticed th Dragons are th first team to be featured on Fox Sports 1 on Saturday from Noon til 10pm replaying old Dragons games in one hour format they rerun it all again 2 hours later from Midnite until 10am Sunday and then th Broncos tag in and feature...
  2. W.Smith

    Trent Barrett as Coach ?

    i know i banged on in the Folkes thread about my dream of Trent Barrett being appointed as STGI coach but the more i think about it the more i like it and not just coz ive always been a massive Barrettfan Baz was/has always been a favourite of mine evn before the merge but ever since he was...
  3. W.Smith

    Will Chambers

    from would love to see us snare this bloke, i love him and is an Origin player in waiting for the Maroons !!!
  4. W.Smith

    Pricey on BSB Monday 8/4/13

    anyone else hear the coach on TK and Jimmy this morning, nothing startling and lots of use of the word totally but a good listen Jimmy and TK pumped him about Josh Dugan and Todd Carney but Chinless gave nothing up, tho' the hosts laughed off the Dugan thing implying Josh was signed and...
  5. W.Smith

    Who will Smitty target ?

    We have all seen how Brian Smith loves to attack an opposition teams weakness whether it be running attack at him, high balls, low kicks etc One time that still sticks out to me was when as Saints coach he targetted Brett Mullins in that '92 semi where he had Gordy running over him all day as...
  6. W.Smith

    A Veteran who could help ?

    After the Cows win over Newy last week i dug out my disc from May MNF when the Cowboys upset Easts and i sat there shaking my head as i cant believe what a different team they looked that night granted Mango playing his first game of the season was probably an impetus to what was a great...
  7. W.Smith

    Killing time until kickoff

    This weekend past was horrid, as is the weekend before kickoff for me anyway most years these days. I was just having a look around here and in other teams forums and on a site i love called the Asylum and on radio yesty and last night and im getting a laugh out of seeing how xcited people are...
  8. W.Smith

    Fox to screen NSW Cup

    According to the latest Rugby League Review, my favourite league mag, Fox Sports are going to show the NSW cup from May Quite enjoyed the JBC coverage last year and the year before that so looking forward to watching this when they start it
  9. W.Smith

    Richie Williams ?

    Hi guys, I noticed in a few of the pre season magazines Ive got that this ex Dragon who joined the Panthers in 07 to much publicity without transferring that attention to on field performances has virtually disappeared He isnt listed in any of the Pennies gains or losses subs Ive seen and I...
  10. W.Smith

    Your Favourite Dragons Team

    I dont know if this has been done before and after some trolling through the threads I never saw a thread like it, so if it has been done the admin can delete it Im just curious to know which team was everyones favourite Dragons lineup, mine was Baths Babes in 1977 though the 79 squad...
  11. W.Smith

    NFL Tips

    An hour to kickoff i cant see a tip thread so here goes Week ONE Thurs Sep 7 Miami at Pittsburgh Miami Sunday, Sep. 10 Atlanta at Carolina Panthers Baltimore at Tampa Bay Bucs Buffalo at ]New England Pats Cincinnati at Kansas...
  12. W.Smith

    Head to start vs Manly

    Dean Ritchie has reported on 2GB today that though nothing official has been announced yet,"take it as red Matthew Head will start today for StGeorge Illawarra". Dont know how his fitness will hold up but i hope he does play weve been running around rudderless without him. Iguess we will...
  13. W.Smith

    Gimmick you most hated ?

    Dunno if this thread has been done before so my apologies if it has For me it was Brutus Beefcake and The Barber gimmick...........Gee i hated it I liked Brutus as a heel when he first came in back in the late 80s with Johnny V and then he and Greg Valentine became Tag Champs but when they...
  14. W.Smith

    Luke Davico

    So it looks like the Knights are gonna sign Davico imo i wouldnt but what do you guys think ?
  15. W.Smith

    Eddie Asotasi

    So whats wrong with him now,does anyone know? I know he recently had knee surgery but was suppose to come back vs Newcastle,did he reinjure it.