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    Sandow NO try vs Harris Try

    Tonight Tahu Harris was awarded a try by the video ref while we had a cross eyed video ref disallow a try for Sandow against the Cowboys. Somebody please explain how they were different. Harris didn't have any more control of the ball than Sandow did. It's an absolute joke
  2. M

    Luke Keary

    Anyone watching him tonight.Nice to hear he's a Hills junior. No surprise then he's not an Eel. Sign the kid now
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    Schubert must have a grudge against Parra

    PARRAMATTA have stumbled into their own Book of Feuds with NRL salary cap auditor Ian Schubert, who wants to include Nathan Hindmarsh's autobiography in their 2012 salary cap. Eels officials were stunned when Schubert last month contacted them with questions about why Hindmarsh's book deal...
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    Luke Kelly

    Has been a revelation if you ask me and must be re-signed to a longer deal IMMEDIATELY. If we wait I can see a bidding war eventuating. He's our real 7 and has allowed Sandow to relax and play his own game a bit. I'd have Kelly before Sandow. Kelly off-contract end of 2013. Come on Parra...
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    U/18's Origin

    UPDATED: QUEENSLAND created another slice of Origin history last night - their under-18s beat the Baby Blues for the first-ever time. The Maroons gave the NSW fans who arrived early at ANZ Stadium nothing to cheer as they came from behind to clinch a 24-18 victory. Queensland captain Caleb...
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    Peter Sharp

    Last few weeks I have just been comparing our defence to Cronulla's and it's clear as day that Peter Sharp is a MASSIVE loss for us. Last year we didn't defend badly at all for a team that didn't have a attack that could sustain pressure on teams for extended periods. This season our defence...
  7. M


    If our club is serious about bringing glory days back, then Bellamy is a must at any cost. He's off contract at end of 2013. If we don't make a play for him then, the board isn't serious about achieving sucess. This season is gone, and there isn't much to look forward to next year
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    Congrats Mitchell Allgood

    After all the doom and glomm posted here, thought I'd post something positive. Congrats to Allgood on making the bench in the City Origin side City: 1. Lachlan Coote (Windsor Wolves) 2. David Williams (Hills Bulls) 3. Joseph Leilua (Hurstville United) 4. Chris Lawrence (Eagle Vale St Andrews)...
  9. M

    Dave Taylor or Tony Williams

    get one of them here next year. Exactly the tpe of backrower we are missing. Big and mobile. I'd say it would be easier get Williams seeing he was our junior. If we dont have a play at either of them then I would be lost for answers
  10. M


    Really don't undertsand the love Dugan gets. he looked like a park footballer tonight. Dropped the ball cold twice and was nowhere to be seen for both of Slaters tries. EVERYONE>>>>>>>Dugan
  11. M

    Pre-seaon photo's

    Some pre-seaon photos coutesy of the other site. Allgood has really put on some size in upper body. Jason Seage (rats tail) looks solid and was apparently the fastest of the backs in the 10/20m sprints
  12. M

    charges dropped against Watts

    I think we should get him. Hooker is our weakest position next year. If MK got injured, McGuire couldn't play 80 mins
  13. M


    anyone watching the Souths v Canberra game? Oh he couldn't come soon enough KAPOW
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    Rocket and Sharp sacked

    AS A cashed-up AFL prepares for its 2012 invasion, rugby league's four underperforming western Sydney clubs are in disarray and turning on themselves. The 14th-placed Parramatta Eels yesterday axed league legend Rod Reddy from their recruitment staff, along with assistant coach Peter Sharp...
  15. M

    O/T Up Up Cronulla

    It was great watching the Sharks smash the Dogs. Roberts took some poor last tackle options but I think he will do just fine for us next year with Sandow and Hayne. Tautai - I don't care what anyone says, it was a dumb signing even for second tier. he gave away 2 dumb penalties and was hooked...
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    Sandow couldn't come soon enough

    "Sandow was in scintillating form. He sparked the match to life in the seventh minute, slicing through some feeble defence before sending Merritt charging downfield only to be collared short of the line. From the next play, Sandow launched a cross-field bomb straight into the arms of a waiting...
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    o/t parra pete how your car is in the garage

    Raiders boss blasts fans after player's car vandalised May 4, 2011 - 1:56PM Raiders boss Don Furner. Photo: Melissa Adams The car of a high-profile Canberra Raiders player has been vandalised as the NRL club's boss Don Furner says he is embarrassed to be a Canberran following reports of...
  18. M

    Luke Kelly & Sandow

    Anyone think we should buy Luke Kelly still and offer him the 7 jumper and have Sandow at 6???? It would be a great benefit to both if you ask me and it would be the end of Morts and Robson
  19. M

    No Hayne for test

    Just heard on Fox that hayne won't be picked. Yow Yeh to be picked on wing and Idris on bench is the tip
  20. M

    O/T Weyman why not sin binned

    Today Weyman was marched twice for a total of 20m in the same play. Why wasn't he sent to the bin like Fui was against Souths? Seems like their's one set of rules for Parra players and another the set for the rest

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