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  1. saint.nick

    Brandy's Comments About Milford

    As you're all aware, Greg Alexander rightly accused Milford of 'stealing' money from the Broncos for the past years due to his completely inept rubbish. He's obviously not wrong, Milford is garbage and his attitude issues are well known. But of course, this sparked outrage across the rugby...
  2. saint.nick

    Storm Lodge Complaint to Fox Sports and NRL

    (Sorry I don't know how to cleanly paste the article into here) The Storm remind me of the Chinese Communist Party, they do blatantly wrong shit and then deflect and cry conspiracy every time they are called out for it. Whatever you think of Paul Kent, he is bang on the money. They have...
  3. saint.nick

    2020/21 Champions League

    I agree that what the 4th official in the PSG match said this morning was racist, but abandoning the match? Cooler heads should have prevailed.
  4. saint.nick

    Yelling at Clouds: Fox NRL is Overrated

    Honestly, the current look and feel of this channel is just shit. It's camp, it's over the top and it's obnoxious. It tries to be American the same way Mary McGregor tries to be a football coach. Just some of my gripes with it: - Matt Nable's shitty cliche, Gus Gould-wannabe monologues. They...
  5. saint.nick

    New Middle Earth TV Series I'd properly embed the article into here but I actually don't know how to do that. I saw in another article that Amazon have bought...
  6. saint.nick

    Drama over the next James Bond

    I'm getting sick and tired of some people saying that the next Bond should be Idris Elba - or even a woman :crazy: Why?! To appease the PC nutjobs?! What would be the actual purpose? I don't care how well Idris Elba can act, he is not James Bond. James Bond is a Caucasian British male with...
  7. saint.nick

    Y.N.W.A Thread III: Enter 'The Normal One'

    As we were saying...
  8. saint.nick

    Canavan gorne

    Whaddaya think
  9. saint.nick


    It was really good.
  10. saint.nick

    Robinson- 'My players don't milk penalties, don't dive'

    Guerra to give witness evidence that he dived to milk a penalty :lol: Sorry, couldn't resist the irony.
  11. saint.nick

    RIP Keith Arnold

    I didn't know him, but he was a die hard Easts fan that suffered a heart attack at Easts Leagues last night. Rest in Peace man
  12. saint.nick

    2015/16 Premier League

    Well, Chelsea 4 NY 2 would definitely have proved my point to moaning LFC fans in my hotel that pre-season results mean little. And we won for christ's sake...
  13. saint.nick

    3-2-1 vs The Mighties

    come on guys...Napier, help me out here?
  14. saint.nick


    Off to Warriors apparently...
  15. saint.nick

    Gerrard is Rodgers' landlord.

    So it turns out that Gerrard his renting his £3 million marital home to Rodgers and his girlfriend. Is it just me, or is this actually really inappropriate? How the hell are you supposed to preserve complete authority over your player when he's your f***ing landlord!? It makes Henderson's...
  16. saint.nick

    Frank Lampard 15 goals thread- 2014/2015

    Loan extended until February.
  17. saint.nick

    Exactly why the NRL is still amateur

    We have this rule where teams are relying on their f**king primary school ball boy to correctly give the ball back after a 40/20. What kind of professional organisation places that much responsibility, and that amount of vulnerability to nasty fan scrutiny from the sideline, on a ten year old...
  18. saint.nick

    Ginnane article about video referees I wouldn't mind seeing how his proposal would work. I for one am also fed up with our video refereeing system. Encouraging your officials to stand there blank-minded, relying on lazily guessing...
  19. saint.nick


    What do we think?
  20. saint.nick

    Sterlo show says Bennett done deal

    Bennett done deal, final small details being ironed out.

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