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    Mitchell Pearce

    I awake at 4am and dont get home til 6:30.. so basically I feel like a zombie all the time, so sorry for posting that. But what is everyones opinion?
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    Mitchell Pearce

    I heard on the radio that the knights signed him.. I knew this was going to happen after he ended his contract with the roosters.. We keep signing unwanted players
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    Does anyone understand...

    Ahh, no, no ones allowed to give the Knights advice, last time they made top 4, I think was 11 years ago, they lose every game, and yet I put on the jersey, I put up with the jokes at the pub, at my job, on the internet.... And no, in this dream, I don't survive the fall.
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    Does anyone understand...

    What it's like to be a Knights Fan and a NSW Fan? There is no light at the end of the tunnel.... There is only eternal hell... how much more can i take before i jump off sydney harbour bridge.
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    Share your woes?

    it's getting harder and harder each year to be a knights fan, i'll be telling my grandchildren I followed a team that won 5 games over 30 years
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    Round 2 Vs Tigers

    I need you guys to win to finish my multi Storm 13+ Knights 1 - 12 Panthers 1 - 12
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    Multi NRL

    2/3, fingers crossed
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    Multi NRL

    so far so good :)
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    Multi NRL

    Storm 13+ Knights 1-12 Panthers 1-12 opinions?
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    "I'm worth more than that" - Benji

    I only have one thing to say LOLOLOLOLOL LMFAO ROFL ROFL COPTER
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    The meaning of a Cronulla premiership

    Paul Fallen is too much of a disgusting being to have a premiership
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    Sporting year (or so !) of fairy tale finishes to favour Sharks ???

    As much as I do like the sharks, I don't want to see steak brain win a premiership
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    Match Discussion: Round 21 vs Sea Eagles @ Brookvale Oval

    i laughed my head off when i checked the score late that night, gosh, if its not the knights f**king me in the arse, it's the roosters. Well, I do have 1 final multi cast on 3 different events including the nrl Cowboys make the GrandFinal Swans make the GrandFinal ( I know nothing about AFL i...
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    Match Discussion: Round 21 vs Sea Eagles @ Brookvale Oval

    Rugby League - NRL Sydney Roosters v Brisbane Broncos Head To Head Brisbane Broncos @ $1.92 (Win) Date: 28/07/2016 20:00 Pending 20:00 Rugby League - NRL Canterbury Bulldogs v St George Illawarra Dragons Head To Head Canterbury Bulldogs @ $1.15 (Win) Date: 29/07/2016 20:00 Pending 15:05 Rugby...
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    Match Discussion: Round 21 vs Sea Eagles @ Brookvale Oval

    Can I please place this with a Knights win in a multi?? for once, please, just win, these last years the knights have taken my hard earned money :(
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    what is our biggest issue?

    It's awfully painful to be a knights supporter, if I was a douchebag I'd folow another team, but sadly I am loyal and subjet to ridicule at work consitantly.
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    Anyone playing it? It's well worth the money, very team based and high levels of strategy and co ordination to win ( atleast against good players ) If anyone playing it, leave your battlenet id here spekyr#1895
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    Players who perform around contract time

    benji marshmellow
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    How can the year get worse?

    so hard to walk the streets wearing my knights jersey, i can hear them laughing, quietly, but laughing, theyre laughing at me, BURN THEM ALL!!!!!
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    The Knights last 4 weeks.

    the last 10 years have been disappointment after disappointment, but i still stand by my team

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