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  1. ghoti

    Hannay QLD Assistant Coach 2022

    Paper this morning says Slater has brought in Hannay as assistant Qld coach for next year.. interesting choice considering the options available. Puts us in a pretty unique position though, with Fitzgibbon having a strong relationship with the Blues (assuming he's not involved this year though)...
  2. ghoti

    Five years of successful squad development

    Was writing this in a different thread where Mr Angry (no shade, just a launching point!) dismissed this week's line-up as the '2018 Jets side and some old props')... but, in the spirit of fluff, thought it best as a positive vibe thread about how f**ken good the club has done transforming us...
  3. ghoti

    OT: Parramatta 'power' brokers demanding Shane Flanagan, Paul Green & Tim Sheens

    One of the more hilarious Telegraph rumours behind a pay wall today...some sorta influential group demanding Parramatta add Paul Green, Shane Flanagan AND Tim Sheens to Brad Arthur's support staff. Absurd combo of senior personalities in assistant roles.. Dunno if anyone can see the article...
  4. ghoti

    The Withdrawn Sponsorship Issue

    No more Ace Gutters Durakote Roofing division Sharks from 2021!
  5. ghoti

    OT (sorta) -- Interrogating Stats, PRL Podcast & Pythago

    Not sure if this is the forum's go, but thought this might be a useful listen for the forum, particularly considering the decades of stats squabble it partakes in: Really enjoy listening to the PRL podcast to stay SANE among the rabble that is...
  6. ghoti

    Tamou Rumoured for 2021

    Some chatter about the club targetting Tamou as "cover" for Feefs who's struggling to stay fit. Thoughts? If on a conservatively priced contract, brings that experience and leadership for the young forwards comin through.. I dunno who misses out cos the pack's tracking well for next year but...
  7. ghoti

    Indigenous V Maori All-Stars

    This game has been great in the first expansive footy, tough too. Dunno why it gets so much shit, been enjoying this more than most of last year's NRL offerings. Of our guys, Ramien, Nikora and Graham all been pretty quiet, but very strong and solid in up nothing...
  8. ghoti

    Josh Reynolds free to negotiate

    Just saw Josh Reynolds has been given permission to look for offers elsewhere for 2020. When he's on, I'm a huge fan of his intensity and energy and creativity, has that old school Mick Ennis type niggle (bit dumber). If one of the Braileys goes our hooked stocks are f**ked...I don't mind...
  9. ghoti

    OT: Griffin Hooked

    Jesus...fifth place and threatening for a title and he's gooooorn... The Penrith Panthers have sacked coach Anthony Griffin just four weeks out from the finals. The Panthers...
  10. ghoti

    Origin Game 2

    Couldn't find origin thread, did all you merkins forget it was in tonight? I got nothin to say anyway I'll see meself out
  11. ghoti

    Townsend for NSW?

    First, I know he's not quite ready and it's not our interests for him to be in contention...but what kinda conspiracy is keeping him outside of football 'experts' speculated teams? He just keeps stringing together good to (last night) great games. Gets repeat sets, slick kicking game, his...
  12. ghoti

    Resting Players Before the Finals...

    If we beat the Tigers on the weekend, we're assured a spot in the bottom four (if we aren't already), and with Souths and Melbourne both kicking on (and us having to beat Manly) I feel like we're a veeery slim chance of the Top 4... Does this seem like an opportune time to rest some merkins...
  13. ghoti

    change or persevere?

    Just picking up on the main essence of most threads after the last two games...but 90% of the forum wants widespread changes and the coaching staff will persevere, so what's the logical way forward? After setting up a squad for three months, it's a huge risk to made sweeping changes and...
  14. ghoti

    Luke Lewis: busted arse updates

    Latest injury to befall the hobbler: ---- LUKE Lewis has started running again after knee surgery and says that while he won’t play for Cronulla in this weekend’s trial he will definitely suit up for the first round of the premiership. The representative star underwent an arthroscopy at...
  15. ghoti

    Trial Teams V Wests

    NRL Trial Sharks v Tigers Saturday, February 21 Campbelltown Stadium Kick-off – 7.00 1. Michael Gordon 2. Sosaia Feki 3. Gerard Beale 4. Ricky Leutele 5. Valentine Holmes 6. Ben Barba 7. Jeff Robson 8...
  16. ghoti

    All Star Match

    Gallen, Ennis and Barba all playing the All-Star match,-inglis-top-polls-for-indigenous-all-stars/tabid/10874/newsid/83439/default.aspx Don't reckon it'll do much for Ennis and...
  17. ghoti

    your side for Round 1

    f**kin off-season desperation thread bullshit... 1. Gordon 2. Feki 3. Leutele 4. Beale 5. Gagan 6. Barba 7. Robson 8. Fifita 9. Ennis 10. Gallen 11. Graham 12. Tupou 13. Lewis 14. Tagataese 15. Arona / Heighington 16. Bukuya 17. Tupou / F Brown Brown if Ennis needs a...
  18. ghoti

    Jacob Gagan

    got sauced too early in the day, but how good is jacob gagan gonna be next year? that's all, carry on
  19. ghoti

    2015 Squad / Top 30

    32 listed on the NRL site...short a prop. See if Canberra want Blake Ayshford.. Fullbacks: Michael Gordon, Valentine Holmes, Nathan Gardner Wingers: Sosais Feki, Mitch Brown, Jacob Gagan, Sami Saulima, Dallas Wells Centres: Ricky Leutele, Gerard Beale, Blake Ayshford, Jack Bird...
  20. ghoti

    Steve Price?

    This snippet was embedded in the Herald this morning.. "However, Smith said there was no deadline for a decision and if Flanagan wasn't cleared to coach again before the players begin pre-season training, former St George Illawarra coach Steve Price was likely to take charge." Anyome have...

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