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    Central Coast Saints

    The JV is not working. In fighting between the 2 clubs. Steelers wish to be a single entity again, and Illawarra is large RL nursery. St George region, however, is not. Nor is it anyway vital to the game. There's too many Sydney teams. Times have changed, and so has the demographic. A large...
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    The Front Row Knights Magazine

    Can the administers have more Newcastle stories please?
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    Canberra Raiders lack of respect for women

    You have a a Viking as a mascot Vikings raped and pillaged You guys have the 'viking clap' Clap is a synonym for an STI This is extremely inappropriate. I request that when this pregame ritual (which is advocating rape) starts, you gentlemen (if you are gentlemen) will scream 'STOP STOP...
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    How can Slater be the greatest fullback, when Papz is already better

    ... and still behind Tedesco

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