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  1. titoelcolombiano

    Top 10 Markets in Australia and the NRL's Presence

    Here are the top 10 population centres in Australia: 1. Sydney 2. Melbourne 3. Brisbane 4. Perth 5. Adelaide 6. Gold Coast-Tweed Heads 7. Newcastle-Maitland 8. Canberra-Queanbeyan 9. Sunshine Coast 10. Wollongong The NRL has a presence in seven of those ten markets The NRL is the number one...
  2. titoelcolombiano

    Folau and Tonga

    With the news of Folau signing with Catalans, the obvious question from an international point of view is will he perform well enough to break into the Tonga squad and if he can return to his best does he make them stronger? I'd imagine if he does make the team he plays fullback with Hopoate...
  3. titoelcolombiano

    Would you prefer dynasties in the game or talent equalisation?

    I've been listening lately to a superb podcast by The Rugby League Digest on the Super League War including the beginnings in 1994. It got me thinking about the great Raiders and Broncos teams of the 90's and even good sides like Manly and Norths were recognisable in that era by the players that...
  4. titoelcolombiano

    Stallion's random carry-on

    Codes? Can you name more than one of our main competitiors that are on FTA?
  5. titoelcolombiano

    Fiji NSW Cup Bid & Redcliffe Dolphins NRL News Update from Petero Civoneciva

    I was on the Gold Coast yesterday and Petero was making an appearance in a Telstra shop on behalf of the NRL in his ambassador role. I had a chat to him for about 15 mins, mainly about his involvement with the Fiji NSW Cup bid and the Redcliffe Dolphins. On Fiji's NSW Cup Bid: He said that they...
  6. titoelcolombiano

    Rationalisation of Sydney

    The NRL probably isn't moving past 18 clubs, even the AFL don't find that sustainable and they have the largest revenue of any sport in the country. So with that in mind, we have two expansion spots for the following potential areas: Brisbane 2 NZ 2 Perth Adelaide I've left off areas like...
  7. titoelcolombiano

    Attn: Mods re: expansion threads

    Mods, I'm not sure how else to get this message to you but I wanted to make contact about the number of threads being shut down in the expansion area lately. Myself and a few others genuinely want to discuss expansion of the game and there are a couple of posters (my suspicion is that it is...
  8. titoelcolombiano

    International Expansion Through the Club Game

    We have two professional leagues in the world; England and Australia. Outside of those two countries, we have managed to expand and place clubs in other countries: New Zealand (NZ Warriors - pro) France (Catalans - pro, Toulouse Semi-pro) PNG (Hunters - pro) Wales (Crusaders, Raiders -...
  9. titoelcolombiano

    Pacific Championship I wonder if this is still happening or if it was another half-baked idea by admin... article was from June this year
  10. titoelcolombiano

    Michael Maguire - New Kiwis Coach Apologies if posted elsewhere. Good move by the Kiwis. Interesting to hear him talk about playing pathways and not just the national team.
  11. titoelcolombiano

    Bears / Manly whinging

    You are happy for the bears to go up there though.......
  12. titoelcolombiano

    New State Centre for Victorian Rugby League$12-million-boost-for-victorian-rugby-league/ I don't know if this has been posted anywhere else on this site but this is a great step forward for Victorian Rugby League.
  13. titoelcolombiano

    Wet weather final - who does this benefit?

    Looks like it is going to rain quite a bit on Saturday in Brisbane including during the game. Does this benefit either team? My opinion is that it will provide a slight benefit to England and serve to close the gap between the sides. I think if England are ever going to end both the series /...
  14. titoelcolombiano

    Are the Kiwis trying to sabotage international RL?

    2013 World Cup Semi-Final at Wembly playing against the home team England, live on the BBC, huge crowd in attendance and the Kiwis break the hearts of the English in an epic match. Good on them but an English victory that day would have had such an impact in England. Fast forward four-years...
  15. titoelcolombiano

    Wold Cup Legacy

    What are everyone's thoughts on what legacy this world cup will leave? For me there are a few potentials: Annual, commercially successful Pacific Cup put in place that will provide income for the Pacific nations Regular Kiwi home tests; it has now been shown that NZ can host commercially...
  16. titoelcolombiano

    Predict the results for week 2 and name the game you think could most likely produce an upset...

    Australia 42 - France 6 New Zealand 66 - Scotland 0 Tonga 20 - Samoa 18 (game of the tournament) England 38 - Lebanon 12 PNG 20 - Ireland 12 (for me if Ireland get up this is my likely upset - Ireland look good and PNG will have to be ready for them) Italy 30 - USA 14 Fiji 44 - Wales 0 I can't...
  17. titoelcolombiano

    What's the best scenario for the game as a whole results wise in the world cup?

    For me it is: Quarter Finalists: England (winning pool A thanks to a very close but spiteful encounter against Australia - with the intensity of the 2013WC semi) Australia (the pool loss will ironically get the country more interested in the WC) France (Showing some resolve against Aus and...
  18. titoelcolombiano

    Who gets out of each pool and in which order?

    For me it's: Pool A: Australia England Lebanon France missing out by being upset by a talented Lebanon side - I would love England to light up the World Cup with a win over Australia first up but I think Australia will get through the pool undefeated. Pool B (Pool of Death): New Zealand...
  19. titoelcolombiano

    Which nations will field fully professional teams at this year's world cup?

    I'm trying to get a guage on how many Rugby League nations now have the ability to field fully professional squads. Obviously if we can hit a point where all nations that compete in future WC's are fully professional it is ideal. At the moment I think we have: Australia New Zealand England...
  20. titoelcolombiano

    Name Your QLD Team of the Origin Era

    1. Slater 2. Tuqiri / Matty Rogers 3. Renouf 4. Inglis 5. Sailor 6. Lockyer 7. Thurston 8. Price 9. Smith 10. Webcke 11. Tallis 12. Gene Miles 13. Lewis Coach: Fatty ;)

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