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  1. SEAT 1A

    Error Message Help

    I received the below server error message in the Widdop release thread asking me to send details. Could LU admin confirm it's genuine and I will action request. Cheers, SEAT 1A Message below. Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable...
  2. SEAT 1A

    Dragons Duo Named In New Zealand Four Nations Train-On Squad The St George Illawarra Dragons will have two players involved in the New Zealand Four Nations Train-On Squad ahead of the upcoming tournament in October. Dragons pair...
  3. SEAT 1A

    Framed Jersey idea

    First of all, congratulations to the members who purchased the official framed jersey's due to it's being authentic however, it's too expensive for me. What I was thinking was to buy a jersey and go to an embroidery shop design your own. My first thoughts are, add 2010 Grand Final above the...
  4. SEAT 1A

    Poor old Ashton.

    I do feel sorry for big Ashton. His ball handling lets him down. I didn't want to see him go to BNE and I thought he play better under Bennett. Still a run on first grader in my view. A real shame as he has got heaps of talent.
  5. SEAT 1A

    Club Loyalty V Financial Gain

    Is this is a major issue with today's players, and how is it effected by player managers. One example at the Dragons. Cooper V Gaz, both star players, one gone and one stayed. There are many decisions the players have to take into account when they agree to stay or move on, however I think...
  6. SEAT 1A

    Is the NRL killing the game of Rugby Leauge?

    I think so. I watched the Wallabies v Springbok test last week basically because Australia were playing and was interested because Robbie Dean's was the new coach. Enjoyed the game because we won. Was looking forward to watching the game against the All Blacks due to the fact that the...
  7. SEAT 1A

    Roy Masters - On the MEL payroll?

    Watched him on Offsiders (ABC 1 1030AM) this morning. Going on about how Brownie is insighting violence in the game, that MEL are only getting a bagging because they are the best team, that all the other coaches are getting involved due to the semi's are around the corner and if there is any...

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