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  1. gregstar

    Sack Griffin

    Let's get the thread started before it's too late.
  2. gregstar

    Widdop is Returning to NRL

    It appears that Widderp is returning to the NRL permanently. Apparently his manager is trying to finalise a deal with the Cowboys which would allow the Knitts to grab Jake Clifford of them. What a pity we couldn't punt abNormal. Alas.
  3. gregstar

    Good Luck Goobers!

    Good luck skidmarks. I'm probably alone in thinking of all the teams in the finals, this is the one you can beat. Please win. I f*c-king hate the Raiders.
  4. gregstar

    A Moment of Reflection

    Whilst in the shower milking the unemployed last night (I've sent the equivalent of the entire world's population into the Brisbane River & Moreton Bay in wrigglers) I had a profound thought. Outside of signing Creeping Jesus, what the f*Ck has our board done that's worked since the forming of...
  5. gregstar

    Sack Dean Young

    He's had long enough.
  6. gregstar

    Roosters / Eels

    Given their performances tonight, if we're at our absolute best, we should only lose by 50.
  7. gregstar

    2 in 21

    Greetings Turd-burglars. Well done St George Illawarra! 2 grand finals in 21 seasons. 1 premiership. The driest spell in history. What a wonderful tribute to the vision & professionalism of our front office / football department during this period. If anyone out there sees this changing, let...
  8. gregstar

    Just a Thought - Possibly Already Mentioned

    Grand Final Finalists 1999 - Melbourne 2000 - Roosters 2002 - Roosters 2003 - Roosters 2004 - Roosters 2006 - Storm 2007 - Storm 2008 - Storm 2009 - Storm 2010 - Roosters 2012 - Storm 2013 - Roosters 2016 - Storm 2017 - Storm 2018 - Storm & Roosters 2019 - Roosters 20 seasons. Both clubs...
  9. gregstar

    Well that sucked.

    crap ref decisions in prior sets led to 3 goosters tries. Sharks blew 4 tries. Good hard game though. Bad luck.
  10. gregstar

    If we weren’t f**cked before........

    we are now. Congrats drongos.
  11. gregstar

    attn nut munchers

    i've probably posed this question before but i'll ask again because i can't remember the answer & i'll be f*cked if i'm going to search for it. why the f*ck did we get rid of david waite? and how did it happen. it's days like today that cause me to think of it. over to you gooch-sniffers
  12. gregstar


    Which part of referees do the Storm suck? I have never seen a club kissed on the arse as much as the Storm.
  13. gregstar


    unless i'm mistaken, this has equaled our '93 effort of 6 wins to start a season. if we roll the cuzzy bros next week, it'll be our best since '59. fair effort! correct me if i'm wrong.
  14. gregstar

    Attn; Nad-ticklers

    good luck this friday you dung-punching freaks. we've had our part one away win so obviously as per usual, part two away win will probably swing your way, as tragic as that is. I'm guessing you'll be at your boring best under supercoach flanno attempting to play mind-games against supercoach...
  15. gregstar

    Attention Pole Munchers

    Good luck this week you worthless queefs. It has been a while since I have provided some input into this cesspit of a forum, but I feel the standard required lifting. I feel generous enough to provide this lift. It should be a reasonably good clash as the last couple have been. Your bunch of...
  16. gregstar

    List of Coaching Candidates to Replace Jowls

    Surely there is a candidate suitable for the job. List them....
  17. gregstar

    2016 was never really gone.

    Let's face it. 2016 was only ever one signature away. I'd like to hear from all those jizz-slurpers who greased jowls' donga with their rectums when douche re-signed him. What the rush was to sign the gimp before season's end is beyond me. Anyway jizz-slurpers, over to you.
  18. gregstar

    Grand Final - WTF!

    Attention turd-slurpers. Good luck against the criminals. I for one hope you can triumph where we failed against the purple ball-sacks in the decider many moons ago! If you succeed....well you succeed. If you fail obviously you are aware of the fate that awaits within these forums. I promise...
  19. gregstar


    thanks a lot you poojabbing coight sniffers! if your highly suspicious game throwing effort has saved jowls mcgregor's job, then this rates as the dirtiest trick your mob of shirtlifters has ever perpetrated against us. get f*cked.
  20. gregstar

    I never thought I'd witness it again.

    i really believed that the seasons between '86 & '91 was the worst period of my time as a saints fan. particularly the '88-'90 stretch when we were possibly only marginally above downie level. however for all the gomer-like qualities of that era, we actually won the midweek comp in '88. the...

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