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  1. Old Timer

    Our Best Friends

    To one and all, I'm sitting at my keyboard with a heavy heart and half cut and I hope people understand the sentiment of my post. Today we lost our beloved "Brave and Noble Wonder Dog Patch" catastrophic to say the least. Unfortunately the time had come to make a call on his wonderful career...
  2. Old Timer

    The Best Things About Rugby League

    It is so easy to get caught up in all the negatives and the press have a lot to answer for in respect of that and ultimately we can easily overlook the best things about our code. This thread is for people to post the positives of which there are many and I'm postingg about a team that I will...
  3. Old Timer

    The Press are f**ked

    I know there is probably a thread somewhere that covers this so if gets merged fine but I am so appalled by the constant stupidity in this game at almost all levels I had to say something. ' You would think the press would get things correct when publishing such personal and vivid accounts of...
  4. Old Timer

    Hook's Heroes

    It is truly fair to say that the fog hanging over our club for these last 9 long years is starting to lift. We have gone for a wily old school coach in Griffin who has the power and respect to be able bring in his own team and start afresh. I am truly excited in that we may see a...
  5. Old Timer

    The last 6 weeks of 2020.

    Well here we are with the beginning of the post Mc Gregor era. Hard to know exactly who did what in respect coaching, selection etc in the game against the Eels so hopefully from here on in we have real clarity as to who is who in the zoo. As many have said good luck to Dean and the coaching...
  6. Old Timer

    1st 4 weeks of 2020

    Ok the comp is about to kick off and you pick your team out of the squad we have minus JDB as no guarantees he will be available. Give some logic why you pick the players and what you expect to them to deliver and what you will do if after 4 weeks there are issues that are so apparent they won't...
  7. Old Timer

    OT: Solar Panels

    Just received notice from AGL that my electricity discount has been cut from 32% to 7% plus an increase in c/kWh So much for the “big stick” from ScuMo and crew as it represents a yearly increase of at least $700 Not happy Jan So now looking at solar and trying to negotiate the minefield of door...
  8. Old Timer

    TPA's & Sponsorship = Success

    Much has been written re the Roosters, Bronco's, Storm and their obvious ability in these areas and that advantages they have. Much has also been said that the geographical area of St George presents difficulties in respect of attracting such things. If were are one of the best know RL brands...
  9. Old Timer

    A Question of Balance

    Looking at our team / squad over the last few years I have come to the conclusion that we are terribly unbalanced and due to stupid decisions we remain that way and never progress. FB : We had kick return ability with no attack and exchange it for spasmodic attack with no kick return ability...
  10. Old Timer

    Song for Mary

    If you have a musical side or a humorous nature I'm sure you can adapt a song or two for Mary. Imagine there's no Mary It's easy if you try All the teams below us Above us only sky Imagine all the players Living for today (ah ah ah) Imagine there's no excuses It isn't hard to do Nothing...
  11. Old Timer

    True or False

    Some questions / statements that keep turning over in my head as the season approaches, would be interested to see what you think on a True or False basis and what questions bother you. We overate our teams prospects every year? We rely far too much on our forward pack for results? We somewhat...
  12. Old Timer

    Great Nicknames

    Was listening to the 1st session of the cricket on the radio today and the announcer made a comment about 2 sportsmen and their nicknames that made me laugh. Phil Sigsworth (NRL) Whatsapacketa Grahame Corling (Cricketer) I'llbe No doubt some people are very clever.
  13. Old Timer

    Storm now becalmed

    Chambers rubbed out for 3 matches plus injuries should now see Melbourne struggle About time these dirty bastards got hammered and hopefully Bellamy blows up and gets fined too boot Would love to see them drop down the ladder and go straight out the door Hooroo Smith & Slater and a big get...
  14. Old Timer

    OT “Jarrod Lyle”

    In amongst all our hurly burly it would be remiss of us not to say how very sad it is to learn of the passing of Jarrod Lyle. Without a doubt a champion fellow and quintessentially Australian. He and his family have shown incredible courage in the most demanding of circumstances. We could all...
  15. Old Timer

    "So Much To Look Forward To"

    4 weeks of pulling your hair out 4 weeks of cut & paste (save injuries) 4 weeks of pressers and interviews saying we are going OK & just 1 week away from good form 4 weeks away from setting a new record as to how far the leader of the comp can fall in less than half a season 5 weeks from mad...
  16. Old Timer

    Reggies Results

    ISP result just posted we beat the Bears 22 - 4 Kerr & Host both scored as well as Pereira and Tohi
  17. Old Timer

    The truth about 1 -5

    It is interesting to see all the different opinions about our backline. Posters are often quite polarised in their opinions of who should start, who should be dropped, who is better than who etc etc. In amongst all of it I think a couple of things happen. Some of the youngsters get talked up a...
  18. Old Timer

    Charity Shield 2018

    I really hope we use this as a proper trial with at most a 20 man squad. Not sure how Souths are going with injuries but with a bit of luck maybe they play Gagai and Inglis in the centres and that would help us provided Mc Fookknuckle concentrates on the fact he has to sort out the best...
  19. Old Timer

    Jewels fit for a Crown

    There is no doubt we already have a lot of jewels in our system and we desperately need to keep most if not all of them and have them put into a premiership crown we can wear for several years. On the basis these guys have enough skill imagine a squad looking like this for 2020. Yes 2020 not 21...
  20. Old Timer

    2017 Average Review

    In light of no review form HO I thought I would have a bit of a look to see what 2017 really looked like. No doubt there are many ways to look at the results so I decided to use some averages from the stats. 6 times last year we scored 30 or more points in a game which gave great joy to the...

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