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  1. mackdadday

    2019 debutants

    A wide array of youngsters popped their proverbial cherries on the weekend. Thomas Flegler Corey Allen Thomas Mikaele Mikaele Ravalawa Dylan Brown Bayley Simonsson Maika Sivo Adam Keighran Corey Horsburgh Briton Nikora Lachlan Lam Liam Martin Hudson Young Jayden Okunbor Chanel Harris-Tavita...
  2. mackdadday

    Your most hilarious cartoons

    Having immersed myself in the glorious Rick and Morty the last few weeks I find myself craving more cartoon fun. My favourite cartoons are: 1.Bojack Horseman - It will make you laugh, it will make you cry. 2.Rick and Morty 3.American Dad 4.The Life and times of Tim - How did this get...
  3. mackdadday

    American Gods

    Just watched the premier episode and I think we have 2017's show of the year with this one. I really don't want to give away anything so anyone who hasn't watched it can just put it on and sit with their mouth open for an hour. First season will be 8 episodes and if the eight episodes were...
  4. mackdadday

    Mike Tyson Mysteries

    Has anyone else had the glory to stumble across this wonderfully ridiculous animated show yet? Episodes are about 12 minutes long and has Mike, a gay ghost, a drunk pigeon and Mike's Chinese adopted daughter solving mysteries. Highly recommend it to one all all.
  5. mackdadday

    Chyna found dead in home

    Chyna dead at age 45. Followed her on her very active facebook account and just a sad shock. An amazingly strong personality inside the ring. Should have been in the hall of fame years ago and would have been if not for ridiculous double standards. Very sad news indeed. Wonder if they will...
  6. mackdadday

    WrestleMania 32

    I guess the fact that this doesn't even have a thread yet shows that the good folks at WWE seemed to have continued on their merry way of ball droppery. Hell in a Cell for control of Raw. Undertaker Vs Shane McMahon WWE Heavyweight Title Match HHH Vs Roman Reigns WWE Diva's title triple...
  7. mackdadday

    2016 Debutants/Rookies

    It's been a while since we have had one of these glorious lists. I thought it would be super interesting to cast an eye over this year's rookie class as they emerge week by week. Feel free to admire the electrifying font used to capture the excitement. Brisbane Broncos -Greg Eden Canberra...
  8. mackdadday

    Jimmy Snuka arrested on murder charges.

    Battling stomach cancer and now has been picked up for the murder of his ex-girlfriend 32 years ago :o I feel like all i have left from the 80's now is Ricky Steamboat. Scared to type in his name.
  9. mackdadday

    Wayward Pines

    Absolutely loving this show. Last year we had Fargo and True Detective and Wayward Pines is this years whammy for me. FBI agent wakes up in a small mysterious town and it gets stranger from there. Only 10 episodes to be made and im 6 episodes in and wish i had waited for the season to finish to...
  10. mackdadday

    Academy Award Nominations Eat a dick interstellar for letting Matt Damon anywhere near your film set. Looking forward to watching all of these films over the next few weeks. Really looking forward to Birdman. Grand...
  11. mackdadday

    World title

    Hindsight is 20/20 as they say and i think we can say now that having Lesnar as champ has brought down the enjoyment of the show. I was wondering who youd have as world champion now to revive the shitball that wwe is right now. For me...Bo Dallas. Love the guys gimmick. Womens Champ. Get...
  12. mackdadday

    The Spoils of Babylon

    Just finished this 6 part period comedy series starring Tobey Mcguire, Tim Robbins, Jessica Alba, Val Kilmer, the kid from 6th Sense and narrated by Will Ferrel. Absolutely genius, best show ive seen this year except maybe Fargo. Highly recommended to be taken with a glass of wine. Anyone else...
  13. mackdadday

    NYC team of the year

    Seasons widdled past the half way mark. Anyone want to take a crack at NYC team of the year and player of the year or does one and all dare not risk their reputations? Brenko Lee and Jon Sila are probably hot favourites for the backline and Bryce Cartright has been shining for penrith...
  14. mackdadday

    Bryan/Kane anger management

    Hands down the best skits ive seen in 5 years in the wwe. I think its the first time in a year ive genuinely laughed my ass off at a segment. they never really do this stuff anymore. Bryans leagues ahead of the rest of the wwe in every facet.
  15. mackdadday

    Ultimate (douche) Warrior

    has been waging war with the hulkster online. this guy was good for a year or two way back then but not really sure how he built up this ego of his. hes still going on about all the 'warriors' out there. do these people actually exist? i cant imagine seeing a warrior run on my town square with...
  16. mackdadday

    Most over rated wrestlers of all time

    read this on - They ranked and basically shat on HHH for only having 4 moves and destroying younger wrestlers with his style. Cant understand why Sabu is on there with the crazy stufff he did through the 90s around the world. dont think ive ever seen a...
  17. mackdadday


    hows he going for wenty? i watched that video of him from last season..what a speedster..him and pele living up to expectations if i do dare inquire..
  18. mackdadday

    question regarding juniors

    hey guys. im curious who you guys thought were the most talented guys coming into or staying in NYC and flegg this season? Im thinking Sio, Terepo, Asiata, Tavita. Is there one really looking GOOD prospect thats going to blitz in 2010.? A real gun? Ive heard murmurings about one Jacob Gagan...
  19. mackdadday

    First Grade material

    So who do you guys reckon is going to step up from the under 20s and sunshine coast and make it in the NRL?? Buhrer? Greave? Lussick?? Whos ready??
  20. mackdadday

    Under 20s and Wenty

    Im in this forum every day and dont see too much chatter about whos really coming through.. Which guys from the 20s and Wenty are really ready to step up to firsts and make an impact in the second half of 2009 and 2010? Personally I hope Anthony Mitchell can really step up.

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