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  1. Drew-Sta

    Saints are completely f**ked - McGregor sacked

    The Bald One has achieved Sheenius state and is looking to continue his memorable ascension to a higher plane of existence. Discuss.
  2. Drew-Sta

    Womens NRL Clashes

    ’ello. Excuse my ignorance, but the 4 team WNRL competition; when does it start? My 4 1/2 year old daughter wants to see the ‘girl Dragons’ play and I can’t find any info on when its going to begin. I seem to recall some mention of it before the Grand Final for the Mens NRL, but there’s not a...
  3. Drew-Sta


    Hello Raiders fans! :slight_smile: I come in peace. Am just curious about Paul Vaughn and why you guys let him go. I always thought he was a good player and was curious to know what prompted Sticky to let him go. Any insight?
  4. Drew-Sta

    Branding Together

    Hi all. An article written by Craig Boyle and published by The Society. Please read and review.
  5. Drew-Sta

    2016 Player Trades / Free Agents

    See here for trades and free agent signings. We'll stick this and keep a tally of all movements in the OT. I'll also put a posting board for players people want to trade: Mu'a Saints trade Nathan Peats with Mt Disappointment for Sam Mataroa. 02/05/16 Mu'a Saints sign Paul Aiton, Viliame...
  6. Drew-Sta

    Queensland Side - Game 3

    BREAKING NEWS! The press room was annoyed. Barry was again late, and when he did eventually turn up, he was so drunk they had to let him sleep it off before he could name the side. "I'm sick to death of those Cockroaches - and lets be clear here, they are c**ks - and their winning ways,"...
  7. Drew-Sta

    BREAKING - QLD Origin II side announced

    The press room was buzzing with energy as the reporters awaited the arrival of Barry Gomersall. The weedy little prick was late again, but the reporters waited patiently. Finally, the skinny frame of a pickled old man stumbled onto the stage. "Ah, you feggin' leesches," he murmured, dark...
  8. Drew-Sta

    BREAKING NEWS - Peru buys Chinese FFBRL side

    In a staggering development to season 3 of the FFBRL, Peru has bought the Jiangning Barking Sphincters at the incredible price of $1.4b Nuevo Sol. "We're very happy with our purchase," says Peruvian General Manager Juan Manuel Castilla. "The team has a good core and some talented players...
  9. Drew-Sta

    Ultrathread II: BF free since 83.

    Let it be.
  10. Drew-Sta

    BREAKING - QLD Origin side announced

    Qld coach Barry Gomersall has announced a form ravaged side for the first game of the series. "A lot of our stars are out of form," he began. "I've been forced to blood a lot of new players as a result." The Queensland side is relatively new look, with several players playing out of...
  11. Drew-Sta

    The gimp and the gang GAME OVER

    The gimp and the gang It was cold and wet. Alexander pulled a cigarette out of his pocket and lit it. Ramon, his partner, snorted. ‘I thought you gave that shit up, mate,’ he responded. ‘Doesn’t your wife think you’re clean now?’ ‘What she...
  12. Drew-Sta

    Next Mafia sign ups

    Have a choice as you sign up. Tell me what you want: 1. Bazal 2. Scott Gourley's Lovechild 3. Dutchy 4. roc107 5. afinalsin666 6. SeeJay 7. Hoggmaster 8. Misanthrope 9. Parra Pride 10. Slackboy72 11. mickyj 12. Shaun Hewitt 13. 14. 15.
  13. Drew-Sta

    Premature Pickup Thread

    Post here the relative changes to your squad. We can hold off til conclusive teams lists are posted, but the thread is waiting when it happens.
  14. Drew-Sta

    Christmas Mafia Sign-Ups

    I think Mis is next. 1. Hoggmaster 2. Dutchy 3. Parra Pride 4. SeeJay 5. butchmcdick 6. Scott Gourley's Lovechild 7. Shaun Hewitt 8. Bazal 9. Drew 10. DB 11. KTF 12. whall15 13. soc123_au 14. Rebel 15. Bazzi 16. Brother Grimm 17. roc107 Etx
  15. Drew-Sta

    LucasArts Game Mafia - GAME OVER

    George got up during the evening. He was very aware that his wife was sleeping, but still he crept through to his office. Switching on his DX-66 486, he loaded up a 3 and a 1/2" floppy into the disk drive and installed the game he was after. He sat down, giddy as a school kid, and started to...
  16. Drew-Sta

    LucasArts Mafia Sign Ups

    Now that whall has had his fun, lets get another cracking. 1. soc123_au 2. Bazal 3. Parra Pride 4. Dutchy 5. Scott Gourley's Lovechild 6. Frederick 7. Slackboy72 8. Hoggmaster 9. SeeJay 10. mickyj 11. whall15 12. KeepingTheFaith 13. butchmcdick 14. Rebel 15. roc107
  17. Drew-Sta

    Next mafia game sign ups

    Not sure who is running etc, but lets get it up. Happy to do it if need be. 1. Bazzi 2. soc123_au 3. Scott Gourley's Lovechild 4. butchmcdick 5. Frederick 6. Rebel 7. Shaun Hewitt 8. Ozzy 9. SeeJay 10. Hoggmaster 11. Parra Pride 12. Bazal
  18. Drew-Sta

    The Blacklist - Day 3

    Reddington sat, reading the paper in the small cafe. A dark man stood nearby, always. Elizabeth approached. "One of them is watching you," Reddington said without moving his eyes from the paper. Keen knew better than to turn. "Dembe will take care of him, but you took a risk coming...
  19. Drew-Sta

    The Blacklist Mafia

    I'm loving the show. I want to do it as a mafia. I hope you want to comply. 1. Scott Gourley's Lovechild 2. mickyj 3. Ozzy 4. soc123_au 5. Parra Pride 6. butchmcdick 7. Bazal 8. Dutchy 9. Bazzi 10. Hoggmaster 11. Frederick 12. SeeJay 13. Pharomir 14. Misanthrope 15. afinalsin666 Any more and...
  20. Drew-Sta

    The dreaded week off - a negative

    I've been discussing with a few friends the week off and we're all certain that the week off is not a positive for some players. It breeds complacency and falters form. Both the Panthers and Cowboys will need to be aware of this. I believe the winners of this weeks game will play in the Grand...