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  1. Pugzley

    We are the Champions!!! Panthers 2020 NRL Premiers

    The time has come, gentlemen!!! Put it all on black! Discuss!!
  2. Pugzley

    GF Panthers vs Storm

    Screw it, all in. Discuss!!
  3. Pugzley

    Would you buy NRL earlybird GF tickets now?

    For all the teams in the top 8 right now, would you buy GF tickets to save money?
  4. Pugzley

    ISP Vs Papua New Guinea

    And the Panthers with a mistake within the first 15 seconds. :pensive:
  5. Pugzley

    Healthy, tasty options for diet after gallbladder surgery

    Hi guys, so recently had gallbladder surgery because of highly infected gallbladder. Any suggestions for good eating that is not greasy but also tasty.
  6. Pugzley

    Parramatta Nightlife on the weekends

    Hey guys, I was wondering. What sort of stuff is there to do on the weekends after the footy. I'm definitely going to go to Pirtek Park on April 4 when you host against us. So, yeah....
  7. Pugzley

    Jamie Soward Mustache Watch

    Anyone seen Nine News this evening? My God, that's one impressive 80's porn mustache. :shock:
  8. Pugzley

    Your Teams Best Line up/Side for 2015 and Why

    Discuss. I'd pretty much keep the core squad from 2014. They did admirably and our depth got us really deep in to the Finals.
  9. Pugzley


    Just saw the first episode of the new Batman TV series. Damn looks the goods. :shock:
  10. Pugzley

    Best place to watch the footy in Parra.

    Hey guys, I'm planning to go to Parramata this Saturday to watch them take on the Warriors. Anyone know where I can find cheap beers and a big screen to watch it?
  11. Pugzley

    Replacements for Mack Truck and TG

    I recently heard rumours that McKendrie and TG are on the outs with Cleary. Apparently something to do with pay rise clauses on their contracts. If they do leave, who can we chase with their money? My pick would be Sam Kasiano, who is rumoured to be shopped by the dogs for salary cap...
  12. Pugzley

    Parramatta Stadium

    Hey fellas, just out of curiosity, is there parkinh at Pirtek stadium or is it best to take the train? Good luck next week and I hope our guys can contain Semi Radrada.
  13. Pugzley

    Game Day experience

    Hey guys, how did you like the first day back at Panther Park? I loved the new walk in merch shop in front of the turnstiles as well as the banners and crowd interaction. Also the new mexican food joint was great. Well done Gus.
  14. Pugzley

    Richie Fa'aoso arrested Manly star Richie Fa'aoso arrested following domestic violence incident. MANLY player Richie Fa'aoso has been arrested following a police pursuit...
  15. Pugzley

    Pacquiao vs Rios

    So who's watching? Pacman by Dec. I reckon. Put $20 on it.
  16. Pugzley

    Trent Barret

    I just saw on Gus' twitter that Trent Barret is the New NYC coach. Thoughts?
  17. Pugzley

    Hey, guys.

    Do you know if there are plans to include Panthers headgear as club merchandise? I'm thinking of buying one to support Plumy and our new signing, Soward.
  18. Pugzley

    Mass Effect on PS3 Woohoo!! Finally can go coast to coast with one of my favourite shooter/rpg games on the PS3. :crazy::D That means that I have a spare ME2 and ME3 :o Doh!!
  19. Pugzley

    Panthers Fan Day 2013

    So who went to the fan day? Resigned my membership and met Sisa Waqa. That guy's been crossbred with a tank. :shock:
  20. Pugzley

    Daniel Anderson appointed as new NRL Refs boss The Daily Telegraph can reveal Anderson will be appointed tomorrow as the high-performance director of refereeing for three years. Under a bold new structure, veteran...

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