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    Mitchell Pearce - Contract Situation

    At the end of the day you blokes need to realise that Ponga is overrated. For all the money you have paid him (on potential) what has he really done.
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    Round 21 - The Roosters

    They don't get all the 50/50 calls. You need to point a bit of the blame at Luai & Kikau who were both ordinary.
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    Round 18 vs. Wests Tigers Discussion

    But wait. Aren't they signing Billy Walters. Another half that can't play. Tyson Gamble also needs to get a few runs on the board before he continues with his tough guy, cheap shots.
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    Nolan & Croll sacked

    So if they release TPJ and Lodge (who has been playing quiet well) they will still have to pay half their freight for them to play somewhere else. So they will have to release 2 players to have enough coin to, potentially sign one. Depending on who there targets are and who is available. It's...
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    Nolan & Croll sacked

    I find it hard to believe that a recruitment officer is the problem. His role is to identify talent and options coming off contract. The length of the contract, the clauses and remuneration would be handled by the board with input from the Coach. The recruitment officer doesn't write the...
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    Round 14 vs. Canberra Raiders Discussion

    So at least you can't blame Darius & Siebold this year. At this stage Kevie appears to be even worse.
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    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    But paid 600k per season for a 25 year old, 20 game utility back. That makes sense ?
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    Round 12 vs. Melbourne Storm Discussion

    It is interesting how Storm can pluck players out of ISC and they fit into the pattern of play seamlessly. They are happy to bring players along in ISC over a period of time. While Broncos promote players with supposed potential but little experience. It appears the Broncos have little systems...
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    Anthony Milford

    Development seems to be the big issue with the Broncos. They don't seem to be able to improve players. Look at the Storm, they lost their halfback in Cronk and created one out of Hughes who prior to that was a journeyman who played fullback. You would think between Walters, Langer and Lockyer...
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    Round 4 vs. Melbourne Storm Discussion

    Actually I,m not a Bronks hater at all. Far from it. But I do appreciate a football team that actually has a dig, something they aren't doing.
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    Round 4 vs. Melbourne Storm Discussion

    There were no positives. Same old overrated underperforming squad. New season, new coach, and no Darius to blame it on.
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    Reece Walsh

    You are obsessed with Milford playing fullback. He gets a million dollars to play 6 and he can't do it. Just pick someone who will actually have a dig.
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    Trial #2 2021 vs. North Queensland Cowboys

    And it will work too. The Broncos are experts at paying overs for potential/overrated players.
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    2021 Recruitment

    Exactly, why does it take till now to sort it out. They now have little experience at hooker, half or fullback and a five eight that doesn't even try. Long season ahead for Kevie.
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    2021 Recruitment

    It appears that McCulloch has been released to St. George. I am sure management will be able to utilise this money to sign extended contracts for some more overrated, overpaid, undisciplined, coconuts.
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    Next Queensland coach?

    So they lost Stuart & Daley, and replaced them with Fittler and Johns. I don't think QLD had that luxury at their disposal.
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    Next Queensland coach?

    Gillmeister running the show behind the scenes. "What from his hospital bed". I think you made that one up.
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    2021 Recruitment

    Then let him go if he wants to. Better then paying overs for a winger who has played about a dozen games. The Bronks roster is already full of overpaid under performers.
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    Rumoured Targets 3

    "His failure was not leaving St George years ago". What and signing with Newcastle earlier. That would have been good for his career.
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    Rumoured Targets 3

    Maybe he missed the tackle in the first place. I reckon he is grossly overrated. Looks the part and tries and runs hard but doesn't really bend the line. He has always been well contained at origin level.