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  1. ACTPanthers

    Tyrone May

    Why are you people even replying!? Just stop. You're not "returning serve" or anything like that, you are just feeding the troll. It doesn't matter what you say in return, he gets a reaction and that's all that he wants. Ignore him.
  2. ACTPanthers

    Rumoured & Confirmed Signings - Part 5

    On further reflection, I retract this comment. I’m not going to delete or edit the post as a way to hide my poor attitude, but this was uncalled for and played the man. I sincerely apologise @Kilkenny and will keep our interactions civil and on football from now on.
  3. ACTPanthers

    Opinion Penrith

    I get your point my friend, I really do. I personally saw his post as a lack of remorse, but as the age old adage says, opinions are like arseholes.
  4. ACTPanthers

    Opinion Penrith

    I like this… credit where it’s due and all that 👏
  5. ACTPanthers

    Opinion Penrith

    Never change Rhyno you legend 😂
  6. ACTPanthers

    Opinion Penrith

    I like avocado…
  7. ACTPanthers

    Your Panthers Memorabilia

    Thanks brother. Means a lot mate, really it does. Fingers crossed on the Chrissie presents though 😉
  8. ACTPanthers

    Rumoured & Confirmed Signings - Part 5

    Lol ok mate. You’re an absolute joke.
  9. ACTPanthers

    Your Panthers Memorabilia

    Nothing for me this premiership I fear. Missus in hospital (been there 3 weeks, only one week to go!) and with the 4 kids just not enough expendable cash :( But love your haul brother! Looking mint.
  10. ACTPanthers

    Rumoured & Confirmed Signings - Part 5

    Obviously filming someone without consent is a far cry worse than cheating. Do you? Pretty sure she’d be more upset if I filmed her without knowing and shared it with my mates… but apparently you know her better than I do.
  11. ACTPanthers

    Rumoured & Confirmed Signings - Part 5

    Filming someone in a sexual act without consent is most definitely on another level than cheating on your wife - Both are undeniably wrong, but one is most definitely worse than the other.
  12. ACTPanthers

    Opinion Penrith

    Only because he's in Panthers colours. If he played for any other team they'd have the same opinion of him as the rest of us.
  13. ACTPanthers

    Welcome to our newest NRL Franchise, the Dolphins

    I welcome any franchise that makes it harder for the Broncos... GO "THE" DOLPHINS! *whistle**squeak**trill*
  14. ACTPanthers

    Best Clive Churchill Performances

    Extremely biased opinion, but I can't go past Priddis in 03. Absolutely owned that game.
  15. ACTPanthers

    2021 Grand Final: Panthers V Souths

    I still get teary...
  16. ACTPanthers

    General Discussion Thread

    Mine's the same age... swing? lol (Joking, for clarity)
  17. ACTPanthers

    Redcliffe Dolphins recruitment targets

    I have big plans to turn that into more at the pokies brother, just need to find a parking spot so I can leave the kids in the car first.
  18. ACTPanthers

    General Discussion Thread

    Norm Provan passed away 😢 RIP you legend.
  19. ACTPanthers

    Rest in Peace Norm Provan

    RIP Champion
  20. ACTPanthers

    Official: Redcliffe Dolphins to join NRL in 2023

    Now here's a guy who can hold a grudge... ;)