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  1. alexwilliams_66692007

    Kurt Mann

    Man this kid has improved this season, regularly outplaying both Pearce and Ponga. He's definitely making a lot of Knights fans look silly :)
  2. alexwilliams_66692007

    News Curtis Scott

    Didn't take long for him to develop the Canberra culture
  3. alexwilliams_66692007


    Best memories? Worst memories? (Plenty of these I'm sure) Best for me would be the atmosphere of the 2013 prelim (Even though we lost) where we completely outnumbered the Roosters fans at the SFS Worst would be Alex McKinnon's injury
  4. alexwilliams_66692007

    Newcastle.. Jets?

    Great news for the club.
  5. alexwilliams_66692007

    2020 jerseys.

    This just came up on an email from the Knights.. Could these be the jerseys that are being revealed tomorrow?
  6. alexwilliams_66692007

    2020 Trials

    Our trial games for 2020 will be: St George Illawarra at Maitland Sportsground on Saturday February 22nd Sydney Roosters at Central Coast Stadium on February 29th
  7. alexwilliams_66692007

    2020 Draw

    Looks like we've got the Warriors at home to start the season
  8. alexwilliams_66692007

    Lino involved in "low-level incident"
  9. alexwilliams_66692007

    The weekly "we got it wrong" referee thread

    Seeing as this seems to happen after almost every round this season, I believe it deserves its own thread :)
  10. alexwilliams_66692007

    Segeyaro in trouble?
  11. alexwilliams_66692007

    Mitchell Pearce appreciation thread

    Can't believe there isn't one of these already. 5 MOTM performances in a row.. What more can you say? This bloke is brilliant.
  12. alexwilliams_66692007


    NRL Mullen almost dies from drug overdose, subject of police probe Phil Rothfield, The Daily Telegraph 40 minutes ago Subscriber only He was once a $1 million-a-year State of Origin star and a household name in rugby league. Now the life of former Newcastle Knights half Jarrod Mullen has...
  13. alexwilliams_66692007

    Boxing Day Incident? Ffs
  14. alexwilliams_66692007

    Val Holmes set to join the NFL - Sharks grant release Wow.
  15. alexwilliams_66692007

    Tony Archer goooooone
  16. alexwilliams_66692007

    Can the Tigers win the comp?

    Only 1 loss so far and off of a bullshit call.. Could they go all the way?
  17. alexwilliams_66692007

    Ponga Appreciation Thread.

    Surely he deserves one.. The kid is brilliant
  18. alexwilliams_66692007

    Dylan Pythian released Released due to illicit drug use apparently