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    2013 ISC Q Cup Grand Final to be held in Ipswich
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    Longest Rugby League Game On Record

    Can anybody tell me what the longest game on record is? I know the Super League Tri Series Final held the title for quite some time after it lasted for 107 minutes but i had a feeling i heard of a longer game a year or so back. One of our local finals lasted 110 minutes on Saturday night...
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    Moments you will never forget

    There are a number of plays or moments i will never forget as long as i live. Seeing as it's the offseason and there is nothing to do but troll each other i thought some footy talk might be in order. Some of my moments i'll never forget are: F@#KIGN SIMS! - 2008 semi final, Brisbane vs...
  4. S best hits compilation. how many would now be legal?

    On the nrl website they have the best bell ringers of 2012. i don't think any of them are legal hits with the bullshit new shoulder charge rule. if they are going to promote the game with these collisions...