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    Jersey Flegg Grand Final Talk

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    Australia and New Zealand Teams

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    23 man squad for Tri-Nations?

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    Raw Results

    I think there will be something where HHH changed the test results... and him having fun with Hornswaggle being the actual Son. The story goes further from here...
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    Vuna is something if the service is good

    With a good off season under his belt he can be anything. Showed great potential this season and could be a major weapon for us next season.
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    Wrestlings Greatest Champion rnd 3

    Stone Cold Steve Austin vs JBL Undertaker vs The Rock Ric Flair vs Goldberg Triple H vs Kurt Angle Hulk Hogan vs Mankind Shawn Michaels vs Randy Savage Sting vs Diesel/Kevin Nash Bret Hart vs Big Van Vader
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    Chris Benoit and Family Found Dead

    This is unbelievable. I'm without internet access for a month or so and my friend tells me what happened so i race down to the nearest computer and find out. Shocking news. RIP The whole Family. This is shocking.
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    R10 Sun - Warriors v Tigers *SPOILERS* 2pm

    A freaky try of the restart to the Warriors! Freaky!
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    WWE 'News and Notes' Thread

    Injury crisis right now for the WWE. That is a damn shame.
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    The Johns boys dominant matches

    Johns has in so many. Just about nearly every game in 2001-2002 and at the back end of 2005. I remember it was pure brilliance against the Sharks in the back end of the 2005 season when he put on tries left right and centre.
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    Judgement Day Thread*Possible Spoilers*

    Either way they should be able to put on an entertaining match. MVP hopefully gets the push and hopefully Benoit gets elevated to WHC afterwards.
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    Judgement Day Thread*Possible Spoilers*

    Its just a classic 2 out of 3 falls match.
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    Likely Knights "Origin ravaged" side

    Still a strong forward pack. Are both games home matches?
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    Pittsburgh Stealer (Part of smackdown tapings) all i could find

    I'd be up for a Rey Mysterio vs Edge match towards Summerslam. Those guys put on great matches, and even would be happier if Benoit is in the title picture towards that time. I dunno where Finlay is going at the moment.
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    Round 10 Teams, Refs & Info + Origin

    Warriors vs Tigers is a hard game to pick. I can't think of any origin players in either team except Price.
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    Brad Tighe: Fraud

    He reminds me of Sonny Bill Williams does Patterson. Can play centres, but is probably more damaging in the back-row.
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    KOTW vs Dogs

    3- Buderus 2 - Kidley 1 - Snowden
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    Question: RE Kidley

    I think it was as a five eight against the Dragons in 01 when we got slaughtered at home. He has definitly played as a starting centre. One occasion I remember was against the Cowboys in 03 when we were winnning 48-0 at halftime.
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    Team next week vs Bulldogs

    Newton would get a rest i would assume, especially backing up from City Country. I'd like to see Sargent in the team.