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  1. Jake the snake

    Foran Captain IMO great decision
  2. Jake the snake

    Eels faciing court action over BA CONTRACT lol sack the board just gets better and better. Looking forward to this round of excuses from the usual suspects. How does this happen? FMD.
  3. Jake the snake

    SHOCKING!!! Bill Moss linked to dodgy peeps

    Looks like the plumber has done it again. More "quality" people for the board. I don't want our club to be associated with these cronies. I'm just shocked and a little bewildered. Is this the type of underworld figures we want to be associated with...
  4. Jake the snake

    Something's missing .... Where's Maroubra Eel?

    I miss him!! Every forum needs a resident genius and we want Maroubra back!!
  5. Jake the snake

    Channel 9 disgrace

    The amount of commercials was a joke. They are joking if they reckon this second Friday night game will keep working. On top of that we have to listen to the most annoying tv commentator in Hadley.
  6. Jake the snake

    Ken Edwards leaving Parra

    Just on twitter.... We are a mess. CEO that is.
  7. Jake the snake

    Titans Game Thread

    Pauli Pauli to make his debut
  8. Jake the snake

    Spagnolo Back On the board?

    Twitter is going crazy with news. Is it true?
  9. Jake the snake

    Official Parra Team List Rd 1 Vs Warriors

    I will be hated for this..... Just wanted to get in before Suity does it. Does anyone know when the team lists are out?:D
  10. Jake the snake

    How did we end up here?

    This is my take on it: For years the old board didn't listen to the fans. They were arrogant and did not treat the fans with respect. They did nothing for the fans. This would come and haunt the old board but also be a domino affect in later years for the club. IMO, the first of the disasters...
  11. Jake the snake

    It's always nice when...

    Your hooker can pass crisply from dummy half and have a decent run every now and then. Makes a difference. Hopefully the new coach doesn't re-sign the dud that is Keating. Well done to Nathan Smith he's definitely grabbed his opportunity and made the most of it.
  12. Jake the snake

    Worst Parra team ever?

    It's the worst Parra team in ages, just pathetic
  13. Jake the snake

    Match thread Vs Sharks

    To start proceedings can anyone confirm that Matt Ryan is making his debut for the club?? Nathan smith reckons he is on twitter: nathsmith17 giving a huge good luck to my man @mattyryan88 on debut today for the @TheParraEels well deserved. follow him parra fans! #feedembra about 2 hours ago
  14. Jake the snake

    Which players we need to target

    Ok just say Hindy and co arn't around next year. Who do we try and sign? I'd like to go after the following, zero tackle has a list of players off contract. Sika Manu Ballin Martin Taupau Carlos Tuimavae * this kid will be a freak Zeb Taia James Segeyaro
  15. Jake the snake

    Parra Vs Cowboys Game Thread

    Any team line up changes?? Obviously We need to win tonight, massive pressure on the team and coach.
  16. Jake the snake

    Official Team Line Up for Broncos

    You thought it was the "official" team line up didn't you?....So when do you think it will be released? I reckon it will be released Tuesday at around 3pm. :D:D
  17. Jake the snake

    Esi Tonga Suited to the 2nd Row

    After watching Esi closely, Imo Esi would be better suited to the second row. If not now def in the near future. He has good footwork, he's pretty strong and would cause headaches on the fringes. The main reason by playing him in the 2nd row is because of his one on one defence which isnt that...
  18. Jake the snake

    When will Hindmarsh be subbed during a game?

    He's a legend but he's getting on. His hit ups are not as they used to and you can see that he's just not fit enough to play 80 anymore. I don't know why coaches are scared of subbing him off, his age and fitness is making him really ineffective at times. I'm not bagging the bloke but it's hard...
  19. Jake the snake

    Anothy Mitchell / Matt Keating

    We looked a much better side with Mitchell in the team. The kid has really good skill and he stepped up big time last night. He is def in the Robbie Farah mould where he creates doubts in the oppsoition defences because of the way he holds the ball out with two hands while darting from dummy...
  20. Jake the snake

    Zeb Taia unwanted by the Knights

    Word is that Bennett doesn't want Zeb Taia. Would love to have this bloke back at Parra. Runs hard has an off load and can hit a hole.

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