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  1. Coreyzz

    2022 Squad: Gains, Losses & Re-signings.

    Hook's recruitment philosophy.
  2. Coreyzz

    Round 3 v Manly

    Hope Saab enjoyed the travel back to Manly!
  3. Coreyzz

    Kaide Ellis signs

    McInnes to wing?
  4. Coreyzz

    Christian Welch

    Another job well done from Millward!
  5. Coreyzz

    Sack Dean Young

    Dean Young in his press conference tonight "They got a try from a kick which you can call unlucky" He's been taught well by Mary.
  6. Coreyzz

    Round 16 vs Titans

    Host confirmed on his Social media that he'll be fine to play this week. I assume it will be Vaughan & Sims out with Ford and Blacker in.
  7. Coreyzz

    Round 15 Vs Broncos

    I expect Norman to be at 6 for the rest of the year unfortunately. It wouldn't surprise me if he plays well these next few weeks as our next 3 games are against bottom 8 teams and are all winnable games. A winning team will be enough to keep him there.
  8. Coreyzz

    Round 15 Vs Broncos

    Regardless if he is going to be at the club next year, the way Tristan Sailor has been treated is disgraceful. Spends the whole game on the bench against the Eels last week and now is out of the team. He did more than enough in his previous two games to keep his spot in the halves. Norman has...
  9. Coreyzz

    Round 15 Vs Broncos

    Sailor and Clune in the halves please
  10. Coreyzz

    Round 14 vs Eels

    Imagine selecting Norman thinking he's the player that's going to save your job. If anything this significantly decreases our chances at winning. No surprise that McFraud thinks its the opposite. It might turn out to be his best selection he's done all year. Hopefully it will cost him his job...
  11. Coreyzz

    Round 14 vs Eels

    Rumors that Norman will be back in the halves. McSpineChange back it again. Just wow.
  12. Coreyzz

    Sack mcgregor

    Not sure if mentioned already but Danny Weidler is suggesting they will wait until November to save $$$.
  13. Coreyzz

    Sack mcgregor

    I believe its a routine one.
  14. Coreyzz

    Sack mcgregor

    The longer they wait the more damage it will cause. I know Dean Young is not the answer but i would be more than happy for him to see out these final rounds as head coach. Will be interesting to see what unfolds this week.
  15. Coreyzz

    Sack mcgregor

    There is a board meeting this week according to Buzz Rothfield. Could it finally happen?
  16. Coreyzz

    Sack mcgregor

    Hopefully after another loss against the Eels it will be the final nail in the coffin for McSpineChange.
  17. Coreyzz

    Round 13 vs Roosters

    Clune didn’t have one kick after the 40/20. Hunt kept giving the ball to Sailor. Very strange.
  18. Coreyzz

    Sack mcgregor

  19. Coreyzz

    Round 13 vs Roosters

    Anyone know if Williame is fit to play this week? I heard he was going to be out for 6 weeks after getting injured in the Bulldogs game in round 4. However i haven't heard anything since and the club has not posted any further updates. This club really is hopeless.

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