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    Jersey Flegg Grand Final Talk

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    Australia and New Zealand Teams

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    23 man squad for Tri-Nations?

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    Hall of Fame Class of 2007

    Hall of fame getting named again weekly and the first one announced is: Who else are we tipping to make it? Macho Man Randy Savage I think is in with a shot.
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    NFT - Question for the Raiders army

    Just wondering if any of you guys play oz tag at Kambah on Mondays? Played a team on Monday called the Raiders army and figured that I may of been playing some of you.
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    WWE Survivor Series Thread *May Include Spoilers*

    Thread used for all talk on the PPV. Rumoured match at the moment is RAW (John Cena, DX) vs SD! (King Booker, Rey Mysterio and Batista) vs ECW (Big Show, RVD and Sabu) Don't think that match will go ahead though because that would blow the DX vs Edge and Orton fued out the window.
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    WWE Cyber Sunday Thread *May Include Spoilers*

    Thread used for all talk about the PPV. One match confirmed and thats the Champion of champions match. While I don't think it will be a great match, it does still interest me on how the match will actually finish. I'm expecting DX vs Randy Orton and Edge on the card in some sort of...
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    Your Finals format

    With the poor crowd on Friday night, just wondering what you guys would like to see the finals format next year with taking into consideration Day and stadium. I'd like something like this. Week 1 stays the same.. top 4 gets home ground Week 2 are home finals being played on Sat night and...
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    WWE No Mercy Thread * Includes Spoilers*

    Thread used for all talk about the SD! PPV taking place in October. Current matches: King Booker vs Lashley *Unconfirmed* Mr.Kennedy vs Undertaker Batista vs Finley Rumoured: Matt Hardy vs Gregory Helmes Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guerrero
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    Knight of the Week - The Winner announced

    Scores for Round 24 vs. North Queensland Cowboys Jarrod Mullen: 84 Danny Buderus: 37 Anthony Quinn: 21 Adam Woolnough 14 Steve Simpson: 11 Daniel Abraham: 8 Josh Perry: 5 George Carmont: 3 Luke Davico: 2 Kirk Reynoldson: 1 Scores after Round 24 1. Andrew Johns: 525 2...
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    Crowds and Tips - Semi Finals Week 2

    Manly Sea Eagles vs St George Illawarra Dragons - 38,000 Newcastle Knights vs Bricbane Broncos - 28,000
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    Buderus and his tackle

    Now I'm no specialist at deciding the grading of tackles. But in every ones honest opinion.. what does Danny get for this? Quick question - Will the fact that he didn't have his hand in between his legs mean anything?
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    Team for Next Semi-Final

    Assuming Buderus is out what do you do with the structure of our team? I'm thinking: Thaiday/Kidley Carney Gidley Carmont Quinn Mullen Johns Perry Kidley/Quigley Woolnough Simpson Newton Tanner --- Davico Smith Quigley/Brown Reynoldson
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    KOTW: Qualifying Final vs Manly Sea Eagles

    Votes in here: 3: Johns 2: Kidley 1: Mullen
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    Are the Semi Final (Week 2) Tickets on sale yet? If not when do they become on sale? Sorry for making a thread, just really eager to know.
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    KOTW Update

    With the Knights regular season over thought I'd show you guys the ladder as it stands as of Round 23. Scores for Round 22 vs. Sydney Roosters Andrew Johns: 66 Adam Woolnough: 30 Josh Perry: 15 Riley Brown: 10 Chris Bailey: 10 Danny Buderus: 9 Brian Carney: 5 Luke Davico: 3 Matthew Gidley...
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    WWE Unforgiven Thread *May Include Spoilers*

    The Unforgiven 2006 thread. For all rumours, spoilers and predicted cards etc.
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    KOTW: Round 23 vs North Queensland Cowboys

    Won't be here tonight so heres the thread. Please no votes till after the game. Can a mod please sticky this. Here are the results for Rounds 18 and 19 as well. Scores for Round 18 vs. Parramatta Eels Josh Perry: 28 Craig Smith: 15 Steve Simpson: 5 Nathan Hinton: 2 Jarrod...
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    Hagan admits what we were all thinking

    NEWCASTLE coach Michael Hagan has adopted a novel approach in his quest to win this weekend without star halfback Andrew Johns: He's given up. "I don't know mate, I've got no idea,'' Hagan said when asked how the Knights would cope against North Queensland without Johns. "I don't know what we're...
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    Quarter Finals

    What do you guys have as being the Quarter Finals? I've got: Friday night 7:30 (4 vs 5) Energy Australia Stadium - Newcastle Knights vs St George Illawarra Dragons Saturday night 5:30 (3 vs 6) Parramatta Stadium - Parramatta Eels vs Manly Sea Eagles Saturday night 7:30 (2 vs 7) Telstra...

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