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  1. Shaun Hewitt

    Greatest EVER Kiwi? Greatest EVER Warrior?

    Going off this article here Names of players that were suggested include...
  2. Shaun Hewitt

    Ultimate Royal Rumble

    Task - Compile a list of 30 superstars who are the best at Royal Rumbles, criteria for selection can be anything but not limited to things like Wins, Eliminations, Time Spent, Most Appearances (but are they meaningful?) 1 Stone Cold - Winner of multiple Royal Rumbles, and 1999 was the focus as...
  3. Shaun Hewitt

    If you were to move.....

    Okay, okay If you were to move to Australia, would you continue to support this rabble, or would you deflect to your new local team? E.G, say if you moved to Brisbane would you support the Broncos? Melbourne, the storm? etc
  4. Shaun Hewitt

    The Eliminator Goes Third!

    3rd time in. Bare in mind finals rounds... Rules are still the same, however, say if we get to the semi final and you can't pick any team then you are OUT. Rules are simple, pick ONE winning team. Once you've picked a team, if your team loses then you are ELIMINATED. If your team wins, you...
  5. Shaun Hewitt


    First details have been released. Looks to be some good improvements here: Show case follows the 4 Horse Women (Becky, Bailey, Charlotte and Sasha) Career mode is both man/woman (not sure if it's 2 seperate stories or ONE career where you control both?) Mixed tag is in Controls are being...
  6. Shaun Hewitt

    The Eliminator Round 2!

    Well done to our inaugural champion Penrose_11! We have a new round, everyone back in So, this runs very much like the Last Man Standing. Basically you pick a winner, from ANY of the rounds NRL fixtures. (SoO and International are NOT part of this) Your team win, you progress to the next round...
  7. Shaun Hewitt

    The Eliminator!! - New Forum Game

    So, this runs very much like the Last Man Standing. Basically you pick a winner, from ANY of the rounds NRL fixtures. (SoO and International are NOT part of this) Your team win, you progress to the next round. So, what's the catch?...You can't pick the same team twice. So for example, if I...
  8. Shaun Hewitt

    Happy Holidays

    Well, festive season is well upon us now I just wanted to wish all you folks a happy holiday period and a merry Christmas before the forum slows down too much. Drive safe, make sure you're back to support the team in one piece - and posting here too! All the best from me and mine, to you and...
  9. Shaun Hewitt

    The Last Kingdom

    This is a brilliant show! If you liked Vikings, or even Game of Thrones then this would be well worth checking out. It has three seasons currently. I am 3 episodes into the third season (No spoilers please!) and would highly recommend anyone to watch it. It's such an easy watch!
  10. Shaun Hewitt

    WWE HOF 2018

    Confirmed: Goldberg (headlining) Dudley Boyz Ivory Jeff Jarrett Hillbilly Jim Celebrity Wing: Kid Rock
  11. Shaun Hewitt

    Happy Holidays

    Well, mid December Typically peoples activity on here starts to slow down and fair enough too. I just wanted to wish all you mugs a happy holiday period. I hope to see you all safe and sound, and posting with passion next year Take care of yourself, and your loved ones
  12. Shaun Hewitt

    FO Adam Blair

    Could this be the first FO thread before the person has even played/been involved in a NRL game for our club. Sorry, but you're attitude after the loss absolutely stunk. Kidwell, you're the same. Johnson too. Over it. Over the whole lot.
  13. Shaun Hewitt

    OT - Round Ball World Cup Qualifier

    Anyone here going to Welly for the All Whites V Peru? I'm in two minds about it. For the record, Soccer Football is my numero uno sport. Hands down. It's in my blood, I'm from England (moved here when I was knee high) Played for 25 years (although I'll gladly accept I'm mediocre, on a good...
  14. Shaun Hewitt


    So, unsure where to put this... What YouTube channels do you all follow? I watch Spencer FC/Hashtag United - British lad who likes football and has created his team with his mates who often play in big stadiums against staff teams. He also plays FIFA. WhatCulture - More specifically...
  15. Shaun Hewitt

    Cities: Skylines

    Not sure if there is a thread on here, I had a quick check but couldn't see anything. Has anyone played this city building sim? Not my typical kind of game, but so far I've sunk about 32 hours in it so far! Highly addictive, although there is alot to get your head around (I feel this is...
  16. Shaun Hewitt

    Spot the boo boo

    Note: The boo boo has nothing to do with what players are selecting int his top 10 Warriors stars Shaun Johnson and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck are proving a big hit with female fans of rugby league. The pair have made the NRL's top 10 players in terms of popularity with women audiences. Melbourne...
  17. Shaun Hewitt

    Final Fantasy

    Does anyone play or has played any of the FF games? I see they are half price on Steam currently! I have played 7,8 and 10 and love them all. What are the better ones to get? I've read reviews that 6 is great, but I have 2 friends who really enjoyed Lightning trilogy, despite the general...
  18. Shaun Hewitt

    How would you book WM

    Here are the rules You have to only use the tools that are at the WWEs disposal, so no you can't write in Angle for the Rumble. You can't bring in 'Broken' Matt Hardy etc You can change booking from Royal Rumble, and make your way to WM Here is my Wrestlemania card, I will explain why later in...
  19. Shaun Hewitt

    Downer NRL Auckland 9's

    Reuben Wiki to play for the Warriors
  20. Shaun Hewitt

    OT - Weather

    I know I've been quiet since our season ended. I just wanted to drop it make sure everyone in our LU community is safe and sound Hope everyone in our warrior family are keeping well Terrible times

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