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  1. RedV Resurgence

    Izack Tago - Panthers Second Rower

    Just watching the Panther /Souths NSW Cup game quite impressed with Izack Tago. He can run, jink draw and pass, and is not scared of the ruff stuff. He's only 19 and look the goods. well worth watching if you can, also Souths NSW cup team is full of ex dragons.
  2. RedV Resurgence

    That 70's Porn Star - Billy 'Stardust' Burns

    I watched his first few games and though to myself, of shit this guy isn't up to first grade standard! actually, he is far away from it. After watching yesterday, I saw a number of touches that suggest he actually has something. Some good tackles; the draw and pass to put Dufty over; and some...
  3. RedV Resurgence

    Shoulder Charge Inconsistency

    Watching the Knights v Roosters game and again another shoulder charge by a rooster ( The second rower on the knights lock) and no penalty, no on report. Let's see what the match review committee do on Monday. The NRL need to fix this, Last week the Roosters again got away with the hit on...
  4. RedV Resurgence

    Dragons Captaincy :Poisoned Chalice

    Why is it that when one of our players get the captaincy, they soon after leave the club. Irrespective if thats a temporary assignment or a permanent assignment. * Cameron McInness * Garth Widdop * Brett Morris (Tempt) * Fizzell (Captain at 9's) Starting to think we should make Norman...
  5. RedV Resurgence

    Poasa Faamausili to play Lock

    I think Poasa can play lock for us this year. He is similar in size to De Belin and has good engine and mobility. Thoughts?
  6. RedV Resurgence

    Dragons Footy - Redefined

    For the best part of the last decade we have been playing a style of football that has been less than successful. Further with the introduction of '6 again' rule change we have failed to adapt. It's now time to change and prepare for 2021. Under the Mary and Price regimes we have played one out...
  7. RedV Resurgence

    Refereeing Transparency & Consistency

    Following last nights try/no-try fiasco, we need to look at the refereeing. When a try is sent to the bunker, the video referee starts watching the replays, however the tv viewer only gets the coverage that the broadcaster chooses to provide. If a decision takes time to be made, the tv viewer...
  8. RedV Resurgence

    80 Minute Players - Dragons only team obsessed

    Seems like the dragons are the only team that is obsessed with forwards wanting to play 80 minutes. Players on other teams don't even mention it and are happy to fit into the plan the coach has. Seems we have created a culture of wanting to play 80 minutes. Look at the planning for McInness...
  9. RedV Resurgence

    Revise Mary's Responsibilities

    Right we have Mary for 2 more years and he is clearly not coping with the amount of responsibilities we have given him. So I would recommend Mary be relived of the following responsibilities. 1. Developing and communicating the game play for each game. 2. Developing defensive patterns. 3...
  10. RedV Resurgence

    Marion Seve

    Watch Marion Seve for the storm against the Roosters this weekend. We should try and get him, he is still cheap. He's a centre - get ride of Aitken and Laf and go with Lomax and Seve for 2020.
  11. RedV Resurgence

    New Kaosports offer for telstra Customer $5 (1st 2 months)

    In case you wanted to get Kayosports and your an existing Telstra customer - they now have a $5 per month for the first two months offer. After two months, reverts to $25 per month. Also you need to be new customer to Kayosports. Update its $2.50 per month for the first two months
  12. RedV Resurgence

    Move the Grand Final at the end of June

    I reckon we should move the Grand Final to the end of June each year. Clearly, the season is too long and our players are running out of puff. If you look at the past few years, we have lead the comp until about that time and we fall in a hole. So let partition the NRL to shorten the season!
  13. RedV Resurgence

    Once again - Poor Refereeing

    So they had 2 on-field referees, 2 sideline referees and a guy in the million dollar bunker and now one saw what most at home could see. How bad is the game getting. Also the first half refereeing for the 10m rule was very one sided. Melbourne deserved to win, but the referees got influenced...
  14. RedV Resurgence

    Lafai Defense is like the lotteries

    Once again he runs in to try and tackle the insode runner that Mann had covered and left his man unmarked. Thank god for Pereroa. Piss off Lafai.
  15. RedV Resurgence

    ISP team playing well

    Whilst the NRL team got slaughtered. the ISP team played really well. They were energetic , chased the ball, followed each other, ran hard and strong. Herbert and Field stood out with Kerr and Lawrie running hard into the line and making metres. Their enthusiasm was great to see and resulted...
  16. RedV Resurgence

    Aitken Defense

    Can we not get Mat Cooper to teach Aitken to say on his man when defending? He pushes in and tries and take the inside runner that is covered by his inside marker. The other thing he does is he turns his right shoulder forward ( so he faces towards the middle of the field)- this means a long...
  17. RedV Resurgence

    Refereeing Standards - It crap! + Ben Hunt Sin Bin threads

    We are getting slaughtered in the getting off the tackled player and 10 metres calls. Its not consistent. Channeling my best Geoff Tooveey, There's got to be a inquiry into the this!, its not right!
  18. RedV Resurgence

    Why do we pass the ball back 3-5 metres from the ruck to the ball runner?

    We seem to like to run one out a lot, and the ball runner takes the ball 3 -5 metres behind the ruck. This means that the impact occurs 1-3m in fornt of the previous tackle. When you watch other teams, they are always flat passes to slightly backwards. Meaning they will gain at least 5-10m. Our...
  19. RedV Resurgence

    Lyall Gorman - Manly CEO denies he's moving? Dragons CEO role?

    Just read the Manly Daily and on page 41 Lyall Gorman states: "Despite rumors to the contrary, I want to assure you that I have not made any contact, direct or indirect, in relation to the CEO role with St. George or any other club". This has come out of the blue as no one is talking about...
  20. RedV Resurgence

    Changes for Round 2

    Even though we won against Brisbane, we need to make some changes. 1. Lafai out, Mann in. 2. Latimore out, Kerr in. 3 Need to think of about Lelua - If Host is available then he should get a start.

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