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  1. gorilla

    Best and worst commentator?

    Ray Warren is a filthy bag.
  2. gorilla

    The Rumours Thread

    Police used minis once too.
  3. gorilla

    Roy Master’s article

    Just shows that when our pants got pulled down, someone forgot to to wear underpants. Someone should have distributed anti depressants and amphetamines. Next year will be better and the year afterwards might be but McGregor will continue to be a handicap.
  4. gorilla

    Gould reviewing Dragons.

    Pretty good analysis. Maybe, as you've indicated, the people aren't known. I'll add one in, without predicting outcome. Changes to Gong/Kogs trading split. I recall Gus ( or Ch9) raising the travel and fragmented/dislocated arrangements for players living & training.
  5. gorilla

    Dragons Next Coach

    Shawn Flagon ?
  6. gorilla

    The Rumours Thread

    So much speculation, so little facts. If Goild is involved in a review, then I reckon he'll have too much face and pride not to be forthright. Possibly clear cut and desicive. He's got a good football head and his involvement has to be beneficial. Whether the board and owner listen is another...
  7. gorilla

    Dragons 2020 Roster in Shambles

    Bullshit ! Where's sparkle?? Bottom of the harbour ?
  8. gorilla

    Dufty and Aitken set to leave

    Haha, lollsie. "ive had a few"
  9. gorilla

    Luciano Leilua

    Artie was great. When he ran out a bit wide, not only was he hard to stop but he'd get a pass away. Sometimes just to screw the defence he'd pass players into a gap before the line. Pretty fast too. Check out old footage.
  10. gorilla

    Complaint To The Media - The Onus Is On You

    Not really that much different to an ex player, trust board member (as chair) awarding a lease contract for the WIN stadium brewery to his ex player (hooker) son....
  11. gorilla

    Sharks playing at kogarah

    No to ownership, see later, but yes, council gets the coin
  12. gorilla

    Sharks playing at kogarah

    The grounds are owned by NSW government. Council is the manager of the Crown land, leading to club (dunno footy or leagues). Council needs to do a new plan if management to authorize any uses or ne agreements.
  13. gorilla

    How To Make The Dragons Great Again

    Jaysus, just read this first post and will not go further. Too much shirt and not enough trousers. Read less bullshit in Cabinet submissions. Obviously a joke.
  14. gorilla

    Glad We Lost

    Get f**ked all of you - it's hopeless. The ship has run aground, everyman for himself. Rats first, grown-ups next and believers can go down with the ship.
  15. gorilla

    Millward spills some important info.

    Ha, watched some TV - maybe NRL360 and they had Cleary on and asked him about coaching / McGregor. The look on his face indicated he was definitely in the frame. He and journo Hooper also both looked at each other like they'd woken up next to each other.
  16. gorilla

    Jake Marketo

    I just hope he gets a day off from the milk run on his birthday.
  17. gorilla

    Benny Creagh

    Yep, thanks Ben, great career, much loved.
  18. gorilla

    Bath's Babes

    It was great. I recall tho' that it was in the 1975-76 period that Bath's Babes were coming through the (?then) u/23s (or whatever it was then) and you could see the pack forming then and I knew we'd have a premiership coming soon, so it was great to see it realised. After Changa, Rocket was...
  19. gorilla


    He's quick, knows what to do with, and to find, a gap. He thinks like a fullback and he can pass. Give him a five kilo and retain speed diet and get him blooded.
  20. gorilla

    Dragons v dogs.

    Can one bet 24 1/2 plus ?

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