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    City v Country - Who

    Well it's that time of year again for the greatest game of the season. My post is really about who will make the teams but that really comes down to who pulls a fake injury or whose coach just says NO. I love this game being a country boy. However if it is to continue players who pull...
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    City v Country

    Couldn't find a thread but thought I would set one up. I for one can't wait - its one of my favourite games of the year having grown up in the bush Looking forward to some wierd and wonderful teams tonight and lots of injury withdrawals
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    Where Will the Raiers Spend $650k

    Where will the Raiders spend thier big tasty lump of cash they will now have available For mine still have a really solid backline this week even with Ferguson to come back, the halves of Mcrone, Williams, Campese and the U20s is strong, with Papali staying and 4 massive props the pack is...
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    Liam Fulton for the Utility Spot

    Their has been much talk of Buhrer, Reynolds, etc Liam Fulton is a better value as utility for either of them. He can play hooker, backrow, five eight and even center He runs the best lines of any backrower, has fenson like defence and work effort, runs hard Has been a city rep the last few...
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    Broncos guarenteed 3rd - Will They Rest Players Next Week

    The Broncos are now guarenteed 3rd they can't make 2nd and can't fall to fourth - Will they rest players for the next couple of weeks or at least next week against Souths as they have at least 2 more home games and their Origin players could do with a Break
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    Let's sign a half Thread

    Big tip on the Sunday Roast from Gus Gould just then that Sandow will be coming to the Broncos next year Seemed like he had the inside info and that even if it doesen't end up happening it is definatly an option Not a Broncos fan but was just a bit shocked ? Although he is a QLDer
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    Me and a couple of mates went out yesterday to perhaps the greatest day of Rugby League all season - Round 1 of the NSW Cup - 4 games in one game at Leichardt Oval. It was a fantastic day and a shame the crowd wasn't bigger Player of the Day - Ben Rogers stood out he was brilliant Team of...
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    Why the Salary Cap is Essential

    I think where the disconnect that most people see in saying we should increase the salary cap substantially or remove it is that they see the individual clubs as stand alone businesses competing in a market. In reality the stand alone business is the NRL (or sport of Rugby League in Australia...
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    Where to play rugby league in Sydney

    Hi All, I moved back to Australia last year and to Sydney for the first time and am looking to play a bit of rugby league but when I search on google all I can find is local club rugby not rugby league. I live in Petersham in the inner west Any ideas ? or isn't their local social kind of...
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    Sponsor Launches New Home Loan

    Hi All, GE Money which sponsors Anthony Minichello and Braith Anasta has launched a new Home Loan and as a supporter of the club we should look at supporting them seems like a great deal. I admit my friend works for the company and was involve in launching this product but it looks great to...
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    Wests Tigers Website Down

    Does anyone know why the website is down has been down all morning and still is
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    Matt Cooper- Isnt this wrong

    Matt Cooper has been added to the Blues side as an 18th Man after serving his suspension last nite, If he had origionally been named he would have been unable to play origin as he would have been available for his club and would have missed the origin as his suspension. Didnt QLD do this a...

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