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    Question about 2002 Austrian F1 Grand Prix

    Guys, who remembers this? Wouldn't this be considered to be the equivalent of match fixing? I mean of people bet on Barrichello to win, they would've lost?
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    Outlook Email Question

    Hi everyone, Not sure if there's a way to do this. I've got a bunch of emails listed in columns in Excel, 1000+ and I'm looking at copying these and pasting them in the "To" and "CC" fields in a new Outlook email. The problem is, when I copy from Excel and paste them in Outlook, they listed...
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    Matchbox Cars Appraisal

    Hi everyone, I'm not sure if anyone here is an expert but back in the mid 90s, Matchbox (Mattel) had a tender with the ARL to create official merchandise of collectible diecast cars. I think these were only sold at Australia Post. Similar to the one above, the car is a Model "A' Ford (van)...
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    Keyboard/Keys Error - Help

    Hi guys, For some reason whenever I hold down a key on the keyboard it doesn't repeat - eg I need to keep pressing backspace in order to delete multiple letters, or keep pressing spacebar to leave multiple spaces etc - it's pretty annoying. I've already searched google and can't seem to find a...
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    Messi & Xavi - Duo Video

    Since Xavi's departure from FCB several years ago, Messi has proven that he truly is one of the greatest of all time. While he can certainly score goals, his inside man, Xavi, was the reason Messi found his feet in his younger years. Both men are true greats of the game.
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    Hip Flask Stores - Sydney

    Hello, I'm after physical stores in Sydney and surrounding suburbs that sell hip flasks with custom engraving. After flasks mainly for whisky etc... I don't like online stores as I want to see what they look like in person. Any recommendations/experiences? Thanks :)
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    1995 State of Origin - Game 2 Fight

    I've taken an interested in this fight - or all-in-brawl if you like. Firstly This extract from Wikipedia: Rumours of an all-in brawl that had circulated before Game II at the Melbourne Cricket Ground were realised early when...
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    Question about Try/Captains Challenge

    What we can gather so far from the captains challenge is that the referee makes a ruling, then stops and allows the video ref to check the replay and determine if the call was right/wrong, and what happens next. What would happen hypothetically if a player scores a try, however an opposition...
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    After a New PC Rig

    After a few years of loyal service, it's time to put my current rig to rest and get a new one. I'm after sometime not too crazy, but can handle games like GTA 5 and the like (I'm not that big a gamer). Preferable Sydney location so I can get it custom made and picked up and can return if there...
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    What is your favorite Grand Theft Auto game?

    What is your favorite Granf Theft Auto game? To those of us who have played them, what is your favorite GTA game? Let's make it fair and keep in mind progress of graphics, systems, and resources at the time. What overall is your favorite one, the one you would've spent hours upon hours on...
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    Brothers in arms: how Bulldogs helped hunted Bunnies bounce back from the brink of extinction

    This article is a good few years old, however I think it's worth posting here as many people would not be aware of the significant information it holds...
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    Thought some of you might like this fan art ;)
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    Streets of Rage 4

    After 24 years... it's official. It's happening. And we're not talking a fan-made game either. It's going to be the real deal.
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    Why is this forum on top of NRL?

    Not trolling or anything, just asking a legit question. Can't this forum be a bit further below as NRL the elite competition in the world? Or can't this be a sub-forum of the NRL forum? As long as I've been coming here (short-time poster, long-time lurker), I've been used to the seeing the NRL...
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    Fair Trading Question

    He had this guy come around to give us a quote for a fencing job between our house and the neighbour. He gave us a quote of $2100 and we accepted it. He came around, did half the colorbond frames only (if that) and said he'd finish the rest the following day. He never turned up. We've already...
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    Fiorentina captain Davide Astori dies at 31 Fiorentina captain and Italy international Davide Astori has died at the age of 31, and all of Sunday's Serie A games have been postponed. Fiorentina confirmed the news on Sunday...
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    Mansour looses the beard
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    Rule change needed for next year

    I've noticed this many times this year and I'm sure most of us here have too. Last night, Milford passed the ball straight into an Eels player from dummy half and was awarded a penalty. Milford has quite frankly been a pest at milking that penalty this year. I've also noticed other players such...
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    Light brown designs on women's hands?

    Hello. I'm sure most, if not all of us, have seen a woman/women with those designs on their hands. They look like light brown tattoos - and they're temporary. I've seen some of them and I think, from a personal perspective, they are pretty out-there for people who work in and office as hands...

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