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    Welcome back, you were missed. What a great show
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    Toyota Cup

    Went down and watched it, but was mainly interested in a few players so I don't know all the names. They won the game but they shouldn't have. Penrith had all the ball and most of it in our 1/4 or 1/3rd. Our handling was atrocious. Stapleton was our best by far. Cleverly called for Orcher to...
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    So who played well? Who deserves a call up?
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    More Nepotism

    I was speaking with a couple of people over the weekend. One of whom's son has now gone to play with another club as, despite being a rep player in his position, was overlooked for the Sharks as the player in his position has "connections" at a high level. Second case was with a large contract...
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    Anyone going through Menai around 5??

    I'd love a lift please.
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    Non Sharks Topic. Panther injury

    You may or may not have heard that a Panther player was injured in friendly wrestling with a team mate after the game on Sunday. Rumour has it that it appears the injury could be a lot worse than first thought and he may not play for a long while, if at all.
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    Where's Russo?

    Anyone know? He isn't listed in any grade.
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    Annual Report

    The Annual report is up on the Official Website and worth a look, especially with the AGM and elections coming up. Haven't had a good look but it seems OK. Made a profit but the cash flow was negative, so I'm not sure what's going on there. The other major point is just how reliant the...
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    Gould on Campbell and Hodges

    Remember when Campbell wanted out of his contract and Goose gould wrote an article on how a player who was unhappy with his situation should be allowed to leave. Wonder if he will re run it for Hodges or if his position has changed now that it is a Rorters player who wants out.

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