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  1. Mr Pmatta

    Mick Potter

    I have noticed trolling through pre season pics, Potter is MIA? Is he to be heard but not seen? Just an observation.
  2. Mr Pmatta

    Vale John English

    Passed away due to surgery complications, very sad.
  3. Mr Pmatta

    Will Parra remain a single entity and for how long?

  4. Mr Pmatta

    Hopoate future.

    Take it with a grain of salt, tho Hopoate will be fielding offers, has every right to do so, would be nice if he validated Parra and said he's prefferd option would be to stay, personally I have always felt his Days at our club would be numbered, time will tell. Ps This was reported on 7...
  5. Mr Pmatta

    Ram was spot on.

    Regarding the islander boys, great talent short attention span and cost points, I agreed with u previously while all the other f**ken do gooders were putting up ridiculous klu klux klan pictures and so melodramatic, Rams comments justified.....
  6. Mr Pmatta

    Frank Pritchard

    Is a spaz, what a colossal waste of space, enjoy.:lol:
  7. Mr Pmatta

    The Advocate

    Curious to find out if anyone read the story in the Blacktown Advocate on a young African fella who plays in one of our rep sides, apparently can play and built like a " brick shit house" with some potential was liking what I was reading, until the bit that said his dream is to play for West...
  8. Mr Pmatta

    Ricky Stuart

    My personal opinion is that I know my/our team is ordinary I just don't need the coach ramming that Down my throat all season long, (bit of a cop out) and finally I don't care how ordinary our roster is 50 zip is not acceptable under any circumstances, people work hard and expect better for...
  9. Mr Pmatta


    Do u guys even give a shit that u have won a Grand Final?
  10. Mr Pmatta

    1 Free Ticket

    Sorry guys I know its late notice though I now am not able to attend tonights game, tho happy to give it away to anyone who is willing to meet me at Kings Langley Woollies.
  11. Mr Pmatta

    Jeremy Smith

    Apparently done deal, even though has come out this week saying not interested, if Sam Ayoub is his manager, than once again from what I was told that he is over the line, hoping that is the case.
  12. Mr Pmatta

    Where are our membership tally board?

  13. Mr Pmatta

    Long term forumites?

    I have only been a member for only a short period, though have followed the site since 06 07, and was wondering why so many long term members rarely if ever come on this site anymore, I do know or suspect a few do not come on anymore due to too many newbies (possibly) and the negativity that is...
  14. Mr Pmatta

    Eddie Paea?

    Im sure I read somewhere he is contracted to us, if fit can we not give him a run, or am I just being silly?
  15. Mr Pmatta

    Karl Filiga?

    Hey guys was just thinking that Karl's name has not been thrown around in the past few weeks in regards to if and when he will be playing 1st grade, really rate him though do understand probably not match fit yet, but would love to see a future backline reading something like Hayne, Filiga...
  16. Mr Pmatta


    Will keep it short and sweet, just wanted to say "Hi" and quietly confident regarding Parra's chances this year and cant wait for season to start, cheers.

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