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  1. ACTPanthers

    Round 9 vs Sharks

    I’m VERY confident Thoughts?
  2. ACTPanthers

    2021 Memberships I didn't have a membership this year for the first time in ages (due to reasons I've shared previously) but will be getting one (3 actually) for the 2021 season. What are everyone's plans for next season?
  3. ACTPanthers

    NBA Pre season

    Rockets currently leading the Clippers by big margin 91-66 Clippers missing George and Leonard, Rockets missing Westbrook. I’m looking forward to watching some of NBA vs NBL teams. Should be fun.
  4. ACTPanthers

    Inglis admits himself to mental health clinic GREG Inglis has admitted himself to a mental health clinic with depression. Channel Nine reporter Danny Weidler said the injured South Sydney superstar had “no real...
  5. ACTPanthers

    Rd 24 vs West Tigers

    How do we all think the line-up will look? Blake should play - How are we looking injury wise?
  6. ACTPanthers

    Panthers CEO Warren Wilson calls it quits
  7. ACTPanthers

    Panthers 2016 Memberships

    2016 Memberships now available
  8. ACTPanthers

    Panthers directors step down
  9. ACTPanthers

    Moylan's coaching masterclass This kid is something special
  10. ACTPanthers

    Panthers will get feather soon, says Kite As he approaches his final match for Manly at Brookvale Oval, fittingly against his future club Penrith, Brent Kite says he can see similarities between his early days at the Sea Eagles and the Panthers of today. Kite joined the...
  11. ACTPanthers

    Team vs Manly Rd 26

    1. Lachlan COOTE, 2. Josh MANSOUR, 3. Brad TIGHE, 4. Dean WHARE, 5. Dave SIMMONS, 6. Isaac JOHN, 7. Luke WALSH, 8. Sam MCKENDRY, 9. Kevin KINGSTON (c), 10, Nigel PLUM, 11. Lewis BROWN, 12. Sika MANU, 13. Ryan SIMPKINS INTERCHANGE: 14. James SEGEYARO, 15. Clint NEWTON, 16. Jeremy LATIMORE, 17...

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