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    Bully Bin If not a 'Bully Bin' at least send the perpetrator to the bin if the victim has to go for a concussion assessment. DCE asking why Cronk wasn't...


    Scrums were originally designed for unlimited tackle RL as a ploy to take forwards out of the game and give backs an opportunity to show their talents. As close to serious as I can get the question is why, even though they are not contested, are not the 8/9/10/11/12/13 still required to form a...

    Players that will always be remembered for a mistake

    Not my idea but still . . . a contribution to the off season. I was a one-eyed Parramatta fan when Neville Glover dropped a GF winning ball against the hated Manly. He was a great player but alas


    Unfortunately there has to be many players not given the opportunity to shine more brightly than they have, not sure if it's been done before but some players this year are deserving of accolades just because they exceeded expectations. From one game last night Prior, Townsend and Blair are...


    In the in-goal if it is not illegal to strip the ball from a player attempting to put it down for a try why is it illegal to grab/push an attacker away from a loose ball . . . providing no-one is endangered of course . . . is one act more devious than the other

    Is there a reason

    With all the money being thrown at technology in the game is there a plausible reason why questions put to coaches and players in official press conferences can't be heard easily. Admittedly the quality of most questions are laughable but if people are required to attend what is the point in...

    Where should Dugan play

    I'm of the opinion that players like Dugan, Inglis and Ferguson shouldn't play fullback. When these quick top heavy players are asked to turn on a dime it exacerbates injuries. Great to have the occasional crowd on their feet try but better to have these players monstering in the centres for 80...

    Most underrated player

    Anyone up for some positive feedback to fill in time . . . may have been done before but wtf Mitch Aubusson taking the field has a more profound difference than most people imagine imo, he's one of many that inspire a heightened response from team mates that goes unnoticed in media agenda

    Where do you want Robbie to go

    If you're a Rooster supporter do you want Tedesco badly enough to take Farah as bait If you're a Dragoneer you took McCrone so you'll take anyone, does Mitch need to be pressurised to taste better Cam's looking tired, do you reckon Robbie could put one over Bellamy Tell us where you think...
  10. POPEYE

    R.I.P Alan Clarkson

    How disappointing it is there is no-one like Clarkson around today
  11. POPEYE

    Take it to the bush

    On the offchance Dave Smith reads LU I can't miss an opportunity to Push the Bush. Country Rugby League won't care if the annual borefest is dropped if more NRL games are played where it matters most. If a Group 10 or 11 game was played early on the day of an NRL Central West designated game...
  12. POPEYE


    Player survey says 28% of players reckon they know a player on performance enhancing drugs
  13. POPEYE

    Mistake of the year

    Everyone's talking about Austin being a Penrith mistake but there have been others. My candidate for mistake of the year is Wests not keeping Bodene Thompson . . . the bloke is a match winner
  14. POPEYE

    Press conferences

    I was looking forward to Mary's press conference as we should do all the press conferences. Imo they are second only in enlightenment to the game itself, coaches get fined if they don't attend and the media get a chance to hear from the horse's mouth . . . why they are such a major f**k up is...
  15. POPEYE

    Very Sharpish

    Great to see all members of the Eels board on the one ticket, cross fingers and toes footy will be the only game played in the joint
  16. POPEYE


    Most of us who never said the bloke was a supercoach but wanted him to have a fair go are gloating. He couldn't be driven from the NZ job as he was from the NRL, although you can see him during Bronco games, I'm not sure how they're going this year but he doesn't seem detrimental . . . pity...
  17. POPEYE

    How will it be done

    I once knew a bloke who couldn't fight his way out of wet paper bag with his fists but no-one went near him when he was cranky, put many a man on his arse with a Liverpool Kiss. Since concussion is the easiest way to put an opposition player out of action what will be one of the many ways to do...
  18. POPEYE

    Luke Bailey

    Deserves a thread more than I derserve sleep. Never a plodder, never a grub, never a whinger, by all reports a great bloke . . . most of his career a starting NRL front rower
  19. POPEYE

    Blocker Roach

    Blocker giving it to Farah and anyone else putting shit on his club, loved watching the replay of him patting Harrigan on the head . . . that's what the Tigers need
  20. POPEYE

    Coach Watch

    Why not condense all the Potter/Stuart/Bennett etc potshots into one thread . . . makes as much sense blaming one man as it does counting the people who turn up to watch

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