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  1. Big Sam

    Reyno out for 4 months f**k you you absolute pommy grub merkin.
  2. Big Sam

    SBS planning to scrap football

    Leaving aside the impact domestically which the FFA has been preparing for since the cuts were announced, what do people think about the UCL and WC situation? The UCL ratings are decent enough for a breakfast timeslot. Could a commercial network pick it up and put it on a secondary channel...
  3. Big Sam

    Political correctness in the game

    Could you imagine if the LFP was running English football this season? Everyone but LFC's fans would be banned for hurting Stevie's feelings.
  4. Big Sam

    Afcon 2015

    It's been a pretty lackluster tournament so far with many draws and less than 2 goals per game on average. No country has really stood out as looking like winning it. Basically the opposite to the Asian Cup. What makes it interesting however is that one quarter final spot will be decided on...
  5. Big Sam

    Standard Liege banner

    I know we have a banner/tifo thread but I thought this one deserved its own thread because it's one of the worst I've seen. The match was Standard Liege v Anderlecht in Belgium on Sunday - a national rivalry - and the head in question is Steven Defour's, formerly of Standard but now of...
  6. Big Sam

    2014 Ballon d'Or Awards

    FIFAPro XI Team of the year: Manuel Neuer; Philip Lahm, David Luiz, Thiago Silva, Sergio Ramos; Angel di Maria, Toni Kroos, Andres Iniesta; Arjen Robben, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo. (Picking those Brazilian centre halves has to be the biggest joke ever even by FIFA's standards. Did the...
  7. Big Sam

    Woy v Brendo

    Let's change track from the viciousness of other threads and get back to the football discussion. The main story in England this week has been the apparent 'tiredness' of Raheem Sterling which saw him start Sunday's Euro qualifier against Estonia from the bench. The only source of the...
  8. Big Sam

    WCC Venue

    Surely Langtree is too small, so is it going to be Bolton like all Saints' recent WCCs? Or because of Souths' massive popularity (and Russell etc.) could it be somewhere like Anfield? Liverpool is away the weekend of 20-22 Feb.
  9. Big Sam

    Tips for Issac Luke... the event we win. Should he be dressed up in full kit on the sideline ready to celebrate and hold up the trophy? Or not? Maybe our resident West Londoners could help him out?
  10. Big Sam

    Grand Final v Canterbury-Bankstown, ANZ, 5/10

    So a rematch of 1967 it is. Early thoughts: - the two games so far have been close, dire shitfights. This will be no different. - Ennis will be missed more by them than Issac by us. Their entire grubby modus operandi is orchestrated by him.
  11. Big Sam


    Does nothing for 18 months then produces the game of his life. Amazing. Hope he repeats it again next week.
  12. Big Sam

    Qual. Final v Manly, SFS

    Date and time TBA.
  13. Big Sam

    Newbies' golden boot

    Pretty self-explanatory. Costa has a jump on the others but an (unfortunately likely) injury could even it up.
  14. Big Sam

    Reynolds and Luke 1 week suspension With Sutto back it won't be too big an issue. Api and McInnes have proved solid replacements already this year when it comes to hooker. To be honest, I don't mind us not being at full strength given we might play them the week after.
  15. Big Sam

    Last round simultaneous kickoffs

    If Penrith and the Roosters win this week, we could have the entire top 4 on 34 points going into the last round. If ever there was a case for having the matches involving these clubs kickoff simultaneously it is this. Pros: - builds excitement for fans in a way that has never been seen...
  16. Big Sam

    Milton Keynes v Man U (League Cup)

  17. Big Sam

    Punjabi Sea Eagles

    Any Manly fans know what this is about? Has RL finally hit the bigtime on the subcontinent?
  18. Big Sam

    14-15 Predictions

    It all starts in about a week, so here goes... PL Top 8: Chelsea, Arsenal, City, Liverpool, Man Utd, Everton, Spurs, Newcastle PL Bottom 3: West Ham, West Brom, Burnley POTY: Sanchez Top scorer: Lukaku FA Cup: Man Utd La Liga Top 4: Atletico, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia Bundesliga Top...
  19. Big Sam

    Mercenary Fat Frank at it again

    June: "I go with a very happy feeling and respect for the club". August: Frank Lampard set for shock short-term move to Manchester City...
  20. Big Sam

    Slothfield's Reynolds jinx

    Ever since he wrote that article on Adam's goalkicking, I got a sense that he started to miss a lot more. These stats now prove it: Pre-article: Roosters: 6/6 (100%) Manly: 2/3 (66%) Tigers: 2/3 (66%) Raiders: 3/3 (100%) Dragons: 5/5 (100%) Panthers: 3/4 (75%) Dogs: 3/3 (100%) Broncos: 4/6...

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