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  1. Usain Bolt

    2021 High Rollers Fantasy League

    I’m glad I took Cooper Kupp over Woods in most of my leagues where both were available. Stafford loves him
  2. Usain Bolt

    2021 High Rollers Fantasy League

    Sent payment. Anyone wants to trade for the 1.04 let me know
  3. Usain Bolt

    2021 Preseason

    Fields taking us to the Super Bowl, you peasants are playing for 2nd place
  4. Usain Bolt

    2021 High Rollers Fantasy League

    I’m in
  5. Usain Bolt

    Where will the Qld NRL clubs play during the Brisbane Olympics?

    QLD teams will probably play 6 home games to start the season
  6. Usain Bolt

    News Coronavirus and NRL

    Time to bring back NRL Island, set it up with cameras and live feeds 24/7
  7. Usain Bolt

    Tommy T

    He’s the Anthony Davis of the NRL minus the championship ring. Superstar when healthy but you just know his body can fall apart at any moment
  8. Usain Bolt

    News Jarryd Hayne convicted of aggravated sexual assault

    r/byebyejob on Reddit is a good place to see just how many people are sacked for social media posts lol amazing how dumb some people still are with regards to social media
  9. Usain Bolt

    NRL's growth mindset points to 18th team. And it ain't Perth.

    The gap between the top and bottom teams has never been greater
  10. Usain Bolt

    $1million forwards, are they worth it?

    That 10 year contract for Taumalolo was terrible, everyone thought the Cowboys got the good end of the deal but I bet they end up regretting it when it’s all said and done. He’s still got 7 years left on it
  11. Usain Bolt

    And the winner of the NRL 2021 competition is.......

    The new rules will mean even more blowouts than last year, there will definitely be a massive divide between the haves and have nots.
  12. Usain Bolt

    2020 R20 Fri - Rabbitohs 60-8 Roosters @ ANZ

    How the f**k are the Broncos winning their first wooden spoon not the most embarrassing thing to happen this weekend and it’s still Friday
  13. Usain Bolt

    Bennett to the Broncos?

    More comebacks than John Farnham
  14. Usain Bolt

    Pangai's 3rd party problem.

    The barbershop didn’t pay up?
  15. Usain Bolt

    2020 High Rollers Fantasy League

    Yeah collect the money now
  16. Usain Bolt

    2020 High Rollers Fantasy League

    Subbing rule sounds good
  17. Usain Bolt

    2020 ratings

    Yep this season has really exposed the divide between top and bottom. Just a few years ago you’d say anyone could beat anyone but looking at this rounds games.. Broncos/Storm Warriors/Roosters Knights/Bulldogs Titans/Panthers you already know who’s going to win those games.
  18. Usain Bolt

    2020 ratings

    AFL almost doubled the NRL rating last nighto_O
  19. Usain Bolt

    Will the NRL acknowledge the 125th anniversary of the birth of our game ?

    What are you talking about? Vlandys created Rugba Leeg a month ago
  20. Usain Bolt

    2020 ratings

    32,000 for the Broncos/Eels game

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