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  1. merahputih

    Norm Provan RIP

    RIP "Sticks".
  2. merahputih

    Benji Retires

    Probably says more about the coaching and culture at the time that even Benji lost motivation.
  3. merahputih

    Semi Final Predictions

    I wonder if Ivan Cleary has had his son watch a replay of the 2018 G.F. when Cooper Cronk played with his arm dangling by his side from a shoulder injury and guided the Roosters to a big win over Melbourne?
  4. merahputih


    I was as glad as the next bloke to see the tail end of Mary, but I think we should temper our dislike for him with a bit of sympathy for his circumstances. He lost his mother a few years ago and I believe his father is still seriously ill in a care facility. Being of an age myself where I am...
  5. merahputih

    Dragons table three-year deal to Moses Suli

    Maybe they show him talking to his lawyer about getting out of his contract.
  6. merahputih

    Long Term Coach - Josh Hannay

    Maybe the Taliban would be interested in managing the club.
  7. merahputih

    Dragons & tigers Fans treated like fools

    Thanks for dropping in Charlatan.The legendary Jack Gibson said back in the dark ages that "Winning starts in the front office" and it is still valid. (BTW he played for Western Suburbs). Among other things our board seem to be incapable of organizing third party agreements to attract elite...
  8. merahputih

    Dragons & tigers Fans treated like fools

    Another point buried in Webster's article also worries me. Yes, "BBQGATE" was hardly the crime of the century in itself, but what concerns me is club captain, Ben Hunt (who didn't attend) was reportedly aware of the planned party and elected to stay quiet about it, even though there were...
  9. merahputih

    Dragons & tigers Fans treated like fools

    ....and the few bright spots for the Tigers this year included the two wins against us. Depressing.
  10. merahputih

    A team for the ages …. Pick a worse 13 from this years 9-16

    How did Jake Marketo miss out on a bench spot?
  11. merahputih

    Is Dylan Napa worth a look at?

    NO! to "Big Papi".
  12. merahputih

    Andrew Fifita in Coma

    Thanks, Mickey. Nasty. Hope he pulls through ok.
  13. merahputih

    Sack Griffin

    Is that you, Skull?
  14. merahputih

    Melbourne are good

    At least you can't accuse the Dragons of having a nursery in Queensland, but they do seem to have a retirement home.
  15. merahputih


    Thanks for all the pleasure I've got out of your posts, GS. Stay well.
  16. merahputih

    Our Best Friends

    I do the same thing these days.
  17. merahputih

    Paul Vaughan

    Bulldogs are the Black Hole of the NRL Universe, sucking up any stray "stars" that come anywhere near them.
  18. merahputih

    Matt Dufty

    What a legend Puig Aubert was! As far as he was concerned his role was to kick goals and not be the last line of defense. I was only in primary school when France won the test series 3-0 against Australia in 1951. Apparently, he was famous for smoking a cigarette on the field occasionally and...
  19. merahputih

    Most embarrassing Dragons fans moments

    Should have added we were under the spell of the master coach at that time.
  20. merahputih

    Most embarrassing Dragons fans moments

    Another 0-38 scoreline was just as cringe worthy, v Bulldogs in August 2018 at Kogarah Oval which knocked us out of the top four while Canterbury were in the bottom half of the table.

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