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  1. VodkaSaint

    2022 Squad: Gains, Losses & Re-signings.

    I do hope he kills it, we have been crying out for a true pack leader for years
  2. VodkaSaint

    2022 Squad: Gains, Losses & Re-signings.

    so how long are we stuck with Lord Farquaad Aaron Woods)
  3. VodkaSaint

    The Rumours Thread

    Brent Read has just announced we have signed Aaron Woods, OHHHH SHIT
  4. VodkaSaint

    The Rumours Thread

    who has the shits? did i miss something lol
  5. VodkaSaint

    Sack mcgregor

    This has to be Gee up
  6. VodkaSaint

    2022 Squad: Gains, Losses & Re-signings.

    Different Ball game her at the Dragons, we need two front rowers that can bend the line otherwise he will struggle, a lone good forward will be targeted by the opposition.
  7. VodkaSaint

    The Rumours Thread
  8. VodkaSaint

    The Rumours Thread

    Someone on Facebook saying Sullivan is going to south 4 year deal, Better not be
  9. VodkaSaint

    Round 25 vs Bunnies (Goodbye Corey)

    GO THE TITANS , it will mean the sharks miss out.
  10. VodkaSaint

    The Rumours Thread

    The Truth is he has been one our better meter eaters
  11. VodkaSaint

    This time last year, Phil Gould was right… like him or loathe him..

    Gould was right about Hook, he will be laughing his head off and what Hook is doing atm
  12. VodkaSaint

    Cowboys game.

    I supported Hook all season, Not anymore, what does he think he is doing? Playing Cards Why the hell would you bring Lussick In with two games to go, Sullivan was holding the team together till he was replaced with Lussick , If Hook only had more Confidence in the youth we have maybe we or...
  13. VodkaSaint

    Round 23 vs Roosters

    Broke my own Promise today and watched the Game , What a Pleasure it is to watch the young Brigade , wish Sloan was out there with them and Sullivan at 9 was fresh breath of air, speed out of dummy half and service was great, and one more observation , Norman please mate just go new, let the...
  14. VodkaSaint

    Andrew Fifita in Coma

    very 😞
  15. VodkaSaint

    The Rumours Thread

    he got Dropped from the team already
  16. VodkaSaint

    The Rumours Thread

    Sharks already having second thoughts about retaining him
  17. VodkaSaint

    The Rumours Thread

    we would def loose Sloane , and 1 Mill is huge considering the cap will drop
  18. VodkaSaint

    The Rumours Thread

    that was my favorite game and dam i was good at it
  19. VodkaSaint

    The Rumours Thread

    Interesting , I wonder who.

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