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  1. KennySterling

    David Middleton's NRL Yearbook 2020

    Been trying to acquire this year's publication for over 2 months without success. Needed to keep my continuous sequence going right back to 1987. Will pay top dollar and postage if anyone can get in touch please....
  2. KennySterling

    TORONTO pull the plug on 2020

    Hope this is not the end of the Wolfpack but it might well be. And the RFL response to this:- SBW could be...
  3. KennySterling

    Tackle re-start stats

    Is there anywhere to find these stats for each game please ? Would make interesting reading after almost 5 rounds in. doesn't give them which is a surprise as they record everything else.
  4. KennySterling

    James Hooper

    Can someone tell me what this guy seems to have on everyone in the media to get so many gigs ? Is it his contacts book ? What is his background ? Did he play the game at any level ? I can't fathom what he brings to any debate or discussion either on Fox or MMM.

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