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  1. langpark

    Could Euro Football Super League drive fans to RL?

    Agreed. I think it's very far-fetched to think that we would gain fans from this.
  2. langpark

    India now has it's own comp

    I think to say "has their own comp" is premature, after a one-off 9s tournament. But certainly a promising start and good luck to them. I am pretty certain they were union players, it is clear in the video a lot of them know what they are doing. Really good standard actually, well done to them!
  3. langpark

    Who'll be SL 12th club?

    No structure change, just a 12th team will join. As far as I know, the applicants are: Barrow, Doncaster, Newcastle, Rochdale, Workington. Not sure if I missed any. Doncaster, Newcastle and Rochdale are well ahead when it comes to the stadium. Not sure about the other criteria but I imagine it...
  4. langpark

    What's do'in Ukraine

    Incredibly vague article, does anyone know what it means in practical terms? "will look to provide support and advice where possible" is probably the closest we got to getting any real details out of that.
  5. langpark

    Danny Kazandjian appointed new IRL General Secretary

    He has already more or less been in the role for the last 2 years. But yes I do agree with you, not an easy task though things do seem to have drastically improved and even the Aussies agreed to the mid-season international window, so that is great progress already.
  6. langpark

    Who'll be SL 12th club?

    I think that's a pretty accurate assessment of them all. Though I am a bit sick of hearing paranoid comments about the M62. For me, it has to be Toulouse as well. Another thing that has pleasantly surprised me in their campaign is that the presidents of Stade Toulousain and Catalans Dragons...
  7. langpark

    Past series' betting odds - help needed

    I am looking to find the betting odds for each match or series in years gone by. Does anyone know where I can find this sort of thing? I have run quite a few searches and come up with nothing. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
  8. langpark

    Toulouse candidate for SL

    I am hoping Toulouse get into SL, but I believe it needs to be coupled with a local player quota. Just look at Catalans' team last week against Leeds! It contained only 4.5 Frenchmen in their 17. (the 0.5 is Jason Baitieri) 1 Sam Tomkins 2 T. Davies 3 Folau 4 Samisoni Langi 5 David Mead 6...
  9. langpark

    The Game 2020 Crowd Watch

    Any word on ticket sales for Game 3? How likely is a sellout looking?
  10. langpark

    2020 Women's Origin - QLD 24-18 NSW @ Sunshine Coast

    Great game!! Goalkicking proving the only difference!
  11. langpark

    The Year is 2030 - do any current players make the 50th year SOO "greatest NSW/QLD teams" list?

    Ponga and Papalii to replace Boyd and Thaiday. And for NSW, surely someone can take Hindmarsh's spot.
  12. langpark

    South Australia

    I get that. But as a volunteer myself, I know what it's like. You plug away for years, and every single new player that joins is precious. Something as simple as a five-second mention by a commentator, who knows, could have brought a dozen new players to SA Rugby League, for example.
  13. langpark

    South Australia

    I support taking games to these places. But not if it is being done willy nilly like this. It is like the circus, rolls into town one day, gone the next. What is even the point? I get the covid excuse, but I wonder if it would have been much different anyway, especially given the Perth example...
  14. langpark

    South Australia

    Was today's Origin match accompanied by any sort of development strategy? I watched the entire broadcast and was really disappointed, not a single mention of local teams in SA. We heard the commentators say half a dozen times how nice the cricket scoreboard looked, but zero plugs for any teams...
  15. langpark

    What's do'in Ukraine

    Brilliant to see! Big things going on in Ukraine!
  16. langpark

    No major RL international matches involving big 3 but....

    Can anyone tell me what the situation is in NZ? Because I know at one stage they were back to normal and allowing full stadiums. How good would a full house NZ vs Tonga match be, given we'd be one of the only sports in the world that could do it!
  17. langpark


    Let me ask you this. If your celebrity crush came to you and said look, I will date you for a few years, but once my career picks up again, we go our separate ways. Would you rather have her for a few years or never at all? This is basically the question (not even a dilemma in my opinion) all...
  18. langpark


    This will always happen and the benefits are mutual to both the player and the tier 2-3 nations. Also, I genuinely believe a lot of these players are up front about this when a smaller nations comes knocking early in their career. Wales are not stupid, they would rather these players for a few...
  19. langpark

    2021 RLWC draw

    Isn't Taupau currently still playing for NZ too? I cannot see Samoa doing much. They should make it to the QFs, but no further. An off-day against France and they won't even get that far though.
  20. langpark

    When/why did the logo change?

    Thanks for that, I hadn't noticed either and I fanatically follow them on social media. To be fair, I like them both, as opposite as they are from one another. If you look closely, there is a subtle reference to the old RLIF logo in that first one. Since they now ditched it to become IRL...