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  1. MsStorm

    crowd watch 2014 part IV

    Just copied and pasted someone else's thoughts on the game from a forum. : It was disappointing to say the least. So much could have been done for this game yet it appeared the NRL were simply not interested in it at all. Whilst I enjoyed helping out with the Roo Crew, it seemed a lot was...
  2. MsStorm

    crowd watch 2014 part IV

    Well when the NRL sent out a tweet on social media 15 minutes before a possible meeting with the players in a Melbourne store sums up what I'm talking about!
  3. MsStorm

    crowd watch 2014 part IV

    The promotion for the game was really poor. There was no media about training times to meet the players...just nothing! I only heard a few ads on radio, not sure if Ch.9 bothered showing any ads as I only watch Fox and as per normal no discussions about the game on radio, it was all about...
  4. MsStorm

    crowd watch 2014 part IV

    Victory have 23,000+ members & I'd imagine most of them turned up on Monday night without forking out for a ticket. The price of tickets for the Four Nations Test started at $30 for GA + booking fee for adults. Not exactly cheap! Also smack in the middle of the Melbourne Cup Carnival...
  5. MsStorm

    crowd watch 2014 part IV

    100% :clap:
  6. MsStorm

    Why do people hate Michael Ennis

    No different to any other club in the NRL when they have a few bad years, so why all the hate?
  7. MsStorm

    Why do people hate Michael Ennis

    Storm have been unsuccessful during the Murray years, so go and grab another :C:before you post more rubbish.
  8. MsStorm

    Bellamy 'the referee doesn't like how we play'

    :crazy: Knights Fans :fist::BDH:
  9. MsStorm

    Troll dump thread

    :crazy:Knight fans :BDH:
  10. MsStorm

    Protected Species??

    THIS x 1000 times, well said.
  11. MsStorm

    World Club Challenge in Melbourne?

    There's already massive support for this game to be held in Melbourne via the social media like FB & Twitter, not only Storm fans but people from interstate, English folk and even some afl supporters are also very keen. Someone needs to make this happen.
  12. MsStorm

    To Canterbury and Melbourne Supporters

    Thanks mate, I'm feeling so nervous already!!
  13. MsStorm

    2012 GF | PREMIERS - Storm 14-4 Bulldogs @ ANZ

    Storm by 7. First Tryscorer - Billy Slater CCM - Cam Smith Go Storm Boys!!
  14. MsStorm

    The Grand Final: Who are you supporting?

    My Purple Team!! GO STORM!
  15. MsStorm

    Idiots on The Project

  16. MsStorm


    Have faith Kels. Foua is improving every week. I smell a couple of tries from him this week. Go Storm.
  17. MsStorm

    '12 | R24 | Fri | Broncos 18-19 Storm | Suncorp

    Storm by 7, with a field goal by Cooper Cronk.

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