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  1. natheel

    2023 Origin II - Wed 21 Jun - QLD 32-6 NSW @ Suncorp

    Young wasn’t on when Martin went over
  2. natheel

    2022 PF Sat - Penrith 32-12 South Sydney @ Accor

    souths limping into this game a bit. If they’re all done by 60mins They will grub it up big time
  3. natheel

    In Memoriam

    Can’t believe it. R.I.P such a good drummer/musician had a decent rock voice too. So sad right now.
  4. natheel

    What CD Are You Listening to ?

    Yeh I seen they’ve reformed. A few bands are coming back out of the woodwork. Brodie went a bit artsy there for a bit hopefully she has her edge back
  5. natheel

    The Punk/Hardcore/Emo/Ska Show Thread

    Anyone liking the new Deviates as much as me? So good
  6. natheel

    What CD Are You Listening to ?

    Deviates - Holding out… great LP. After 20 years of being quiet
  7. natheel

    What CD Are You Listening to ?

    Man this band were awesome. Was in my rotation heavily in my early 20s
  8. natheel

    2021 SF 2 Sat - Penrith 8-6 Parramatta @ BB Print

    I’ll tell ya that Brisbane suck and it’s hilarious
  9. natheel

    2021 SF 2 Sat - Penrith 8-6 Parramatta @ BB Print

    Beat storm x 2. I think we do have that top gear. Our problem is finding it regularly
  10. natheel

    2021 SF 2 Sat - Penrith 8-6 Parramatta @ BB Print

    Too bad the genius of Reynolds will only be on display for how ever long south’s remain in this year because he won’t be showing his genius up at the ponies
  11. natheel

    2021 SF 2 Sat - Penrith 8-6 Parramatta @ BB Print

    I’ll tip us by 8 (the optimist in me) Penrith will be ready though. Huge forwards battle. Looking forward to it
  12. natheel

    2021 SF 2 Sat - Penrith 8-6 Parramatta @ BB Print

    That’s what people said v storm It’ll be down to our mental game. I’ve got no doubt we have the game to beat Penrith it’ll come down to our forwards (like south’s last week) standing up for 80 mins
  13. natheel

    2021 EF 2 Sun - Parramatta 28-20 Newcastle @ Browne

    Thank god I don’t have to watch Newcastle again this season. They’re such a shitstain on the league. Leg twists, delayed HIAs to slow down teams momentum and don’t get me started on how over rated Kayla Ponga is
  14. natheel

    The Comic Book Film Thread *** SPOILERS ***

    Love this series. Can’t wait to see who was behind it all. Wandavision and Loki were my favourites of the 3 series they’ve released so far
  15. natheel

    2021 R15 Sun - Parramatta 36-10 Canterbury @ Bankwest

    Past eels teams would probably either lose this or just scrape by with a field goal, hopefully this years eels are different and can put a score on the dogs. They were great v dragons and will be full of confidence. Eels by 24
  16. natheel

    Getting Tough On Divers

    I agree but I do think it’s because he’s always fighting in tackles to get a quick play the ball. Watch him he’s always wriggling to get up no matter the tackle
  17. natheel

    2020 R13 Sun - Sharks 12-14 Eels @ Netstrata Jubilee

    we used to be able to score points easily and let in big numbers too. It’s swung the other way. Hopefully we can sort the attack out but I’m impressed with our scramble defence