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  1. moleman_85

    Flanno's New Signings

    Pretty sure Canterbury only announced this centre back in April earlier this year. Not built yet like our Wollongong one.
  2. moleman_85

    Twiggys with us

    This 100%
  3. moleman_85

    St George Bank pull sponsorship after 40 years

    Westpac ceo is a St George supporter so not sure if this is true. Westpac own St George bank.
  4. moleman_85

    R6 Titans

    Saints are just so bad on the short restarts. We all knew the Titans would get the ball back.
  5. moleman_85

    New recruits for 2023

    I have a feeling the clubs hands are tied and needs to fill the top 30 list and are doing so with these cheapies on purpose so they dont use up much cap space. Likely so the next coach has the warchest needed to actually make a difference in the market. I'm sure I read the other day $1.5...
  6. moleman_85

    2017 Final Table End Round 26

    Roosters Panthers Storm Eels Raiders Dragons Sharks Cowboy's
  7. moleman_85

    Can we sell-out the SFS on Friday?

    My pax as of 8pm on Monday was 8047
  8. moleman_85

    Help with lyrics in glory, glory to South Sydney

    Can someone work out in these lyrics who the mounties are?. At first I was thinking Penrith, but these teams seem pre 1967. Maybe north sydney? anyways here's the song.... To The Battle Hymn Of The Republic: South Sydney Marches On.... CHORUS Glory...