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  1. dinghydi


    get a room !
  2. dinghydi

    OT - OTHER GAMES 2024

    His wife probably got plenty jobs at home for him , But then again might need a break from them till he can get a proper excuse / I mean job. hmmmm------ am I a bad Man ?
  3. dinghydi

    OT: NRL News: Tigers sideline Justin Olam talks, ARL considers State of Origin eligibility change

    Always amused at the consternation a little teenager stirs up in "Wise Succesfull Elders "of our times . You ever raised a stubborn teenager Millers ? Greta would be immovable defending the line. She would eat you for breakfast Millers . LOL!
  4. dinghydi

    Ot - massive news out of QLD

    Well that'll never happen ,as long as any agrieved victim has been compensated enough to ease their pain and the accused has escaped any career wrecking, punishment regardless of guilt or innocence ..... Truth of the Matter ? who gives a flying flick? f**k the media ! All Good !!
  5. dinghydi


    Well the days of celebrating inequalities --favouring the status quo, those, inpower, regardless of merit ,are long gone! I mean FMD we don't even tug Forelock to British Monarchy anymore let alone any unearned hierarchy in our own .society . do you really want to go back to days of tuggin...
  6. dinghydi


    The Dragons are ancient history . Club that won 11 in a row under rules made to favour them,NO LONGER EXIST! Sharks surpassed the new Merged Dargons long ago . Their only useful Function these days is to supply the odd exceptional Player such as McInnes. Only way they can survive in...
  7. dinghydi

    Next 5

    Why ? Who is better ?
  8. dinghydi

    Oregano (Herb) Kaufusi

    Well He was with Pawawastematta , when they had good record against the riffraff.Maybe he has some incites on their weaknesses , and shares them with teammates. Speculatin ' of course ! BTW I felt BA got shafted a bit . Parra would want to have a good PLAN for the future.
  9. dinghydi

    In Fitzy We Trust

    That be cat ?
  10. dinghydi

    GAME DAY vs Uncle Nicks Turkeys.

    At least we have a coach that would have good chance of second guessing what Robbo will come up with.
  11. dinghydi

    OT - OTHER GAMES 2024

    Was a good Game . Deserved a better commentator than Gus gould .
  12. dinghydi

    OT: Dead hard rockers week

    Maybe left field .. Thought of Blue fox 68 when heard this one . But Xcisco Serra ? Body builder . Mr Universe etc. Spiked my interest when I read it ,even though I never heard of him previously . Very young to die. Seemed to be simply EXTREMELY Focused and competitive . But where is line...
  13. dinghydi

    OT - OTHER GAMES 2024

    He should have been a politician .
  14. dinghydi

    Ot - massive news out of QLD

    Providing the Misbehavors engage a "good " lawyer who will back up their lie in court and under oath and threaten any persons who disagree or offer a different perspective with ,slander liable , full force of the law to protect our System and freedoms ... the possibility of truth ,coming out is...
  15. dinghydi

    OT: SOO 2024 - no halfbacks.

    Ok Fine - can say "as he approached the kicker turning his head " (pedantic,but if it makes Harry happy I'm ok with that wording .) The result was he collected the kicker's leg as he didn't see where he or the Kicker were going(wasn't looking) . Sure- not forceful but it was enough to turn him...
  16. dinghydi

    Team vs Roosters Magic Round

    Rooters are the team to beat as far as next man up goes. Just like to see a sharks side with Bite , Win or lose at this time of year .
  17. dinghydi

    Game Day vs Munster

    loved the ( maybe Munster ) whine about training all week for nicho ,then getting SURPISED (yay ) when he was replaced > ... so they just let atkinson do as he pleased ?Guess they didn't recognize him as opposition player or something .
  18. dinghydi

    OT: SOO 2024 - no halfbacks.

    I dont know where to post this but this thread seems to be as good as any . I expect to be Flamed for not going with the majority. Harry Grant is or has been a favorite of mine for his amazing talent and 100% committed way he plays the greatest game. Anyway ... forwards Give the bash...
  19. dinghydi

    OT - OTHER GAMES 2024

    I think theres 4 wrong there
  20. dinghydi

    321 Sturm

    3. The Sharks organization and all who played a part in the assembly of this team ,acquisition of and development of players,coaching and training staff and putting in solid financial foundations ,for the club. 2.Fitz and his staff 1.The Players who bought into and trusted the systems to...

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