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  1. Frailty

    2024 Jerseys, Sponsorship, Logos discussion etc

    Two things: - Why are there 9 people there to pose for a photo of new jersey sponsorship? Talka bout overkill! - How much nicer are the Parramatta jerseys they have gold on them?! I don't understand their obsession about removing it from their identity.
  2. Frailty

    Payne Haas' mother in crash on GC - three dead, she survived

    Thought I stumbled onto the Four Corners forum accidentally.
  3. Frailty

    Controversial: Origin needs to adapt to reflect a changing NRL - or die a slow death...

    Origin is clearly one of the biggest events of the Australia Sporting Calendar that it amongst the highest viewership's of the year. It's an event other codes have tried to mimic unsuccessfully and has other states bidding to host a game. We should always look to tweak eligibility rules in the...
  4. Frailty

    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    So with different levels of government coming together to give Leichhardt Oval millions, I hope that comes with a guarantee of at least half of Wests Tigers home games. Not a big fan of money going to upgrade grounds that will use those facilities 3 times a year.
  5. Frailty

    Next coach sacked 2024

    Arthur had a better record in his 10 years than Stuart… One is sacked the same week the other is given a 5 year extension lol. Making Barrett interim coach is just conceding the season won’t improve
  6. Frailty

    Rape allegation

    So some facts here: - The Broncos stood him down following the incident. I can't find any instance where it has been named as a result of the No Fault Stand down rule. - He was then sacked in Feb 2023 following a driving charge. - It was previous QLD laws that suppressed the names of people...
  7. Frailty

    Rape allegation

    Cool, I'm sure the NRL has pull to change each states' laws. FMD.
  8. Frailty

    Rape allegation

    The potential rape of a women is not something to miss 2 years of footy? Just a reminder - he wasn't stood down until he was charged. Whilst he was stood down, he was continued to be paid and provided support by the club. He wasn't named until he was charged (and thus going to court).
  9. Frailty

    Rape allegation

    What are we remembering? That prosecutors dropped the case after no verdict was returned a second time? So two juries essentially were split on whether he was guilty or not. Not exactly the vindication you'd expect when saying "Don't jump to conclusions".
  10. Frailty

    Who could forget Brandon Wakeham?

    Wakeham has been charged and due in court today, the Queensland player hasn't been as far as I'm aware.
  11. Frailty

    Rape allegation

    Police usually don't name people during investigations. Media are relatively good for the most part not to publish names until they are charged (and there is no court order).
  12. Frailty

    Opinion Is Ricky Stuart the most overrated coach ever?

    I don't mind Canberra (great breweries i.e. Bentspoke and Capital), but it can be quite feral heading for a night out to be honest. It was really quite surprising how bad it was - worse than anything I've seen in Sydney or Melbourne. Granted, it was Australia Day long weekend so that may have...
  13. Frailty

    Your NRL controversial take

    Rugby League fans are the least knowledgeable about the rules of their sport than any other thanks in part to the changing interpretations or persistent annual rule changes, but mostly because of a lazy field of Rugby League media that refuses to learn and communicate it in broadcasts. As a...
  14. Frailty

    Is Latrell Mitchell overrated?

    I’m referring to the original complaint. Where is the benefit to that person? We don’t know who they are, they haven’t seemingly made themselves known, so can’t exactly get any benefit to it. They weren’t the victims or the target, so unlikely to have any civil matters that would result in any...
  15. Frailty

    Is Latrell Mitchell overrated?

    For what benefit would someone make this (the original complaint) up?
  16. Frailty

    Ref and Bunker Decisions

    It's this kind of hyperbole that's worse for the game. Jesus, the carry on from people who are meant to help promote the game is ridiculous.
  17. Frailty

    Opinion Penrith

    Tell me you don't know what communism is without saying you don't know what communism is.
  18. Frailty

    Female Refs

    Funny, for years I kept hearing that part of the problem was referees referring to players by name rather than their number and were too chummy with players. Now you're saying increasing the divide will be worse. All it tells me is that it doesn't matter what they decide, people will complain...
  19. Frailty

    2024 Jerseys, Sponsorship, Logos discussion etc

    Good to see Parra remembered gold/yellow was part of their colour scheme. They've seemed determined to erase it from their identity.

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