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    Round 12 v Bulldogs

    It’s not really surprising when we are playing Lawrie and Luciano for long minutes, both very unfit and can’t tackle. Lawrie shouldn’t be playing first grade again. Luciano plays for short minutes at prop. We need a young energiser bunny second rower who can tackle all day. Also our halves...
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    Zac Lomax

    People don’t leave organisations, they leave bosses. He obviously has an issue with his coach or captain or both. That simple really.
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    The Rumours Thread

    I said it a while ago, our only chance to recruit is in the ESL. Whoever is our recruitment guy needs to get to the UK and start scouting there. And we need to bring in more than one, we need a few of them, we need to set them up to live with or close by other senior members of the team. It’s...
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    Manly in the gong.

    It was a fantastic defensive effort, no doubt, but we really don’t need to make it that difficult for ourselves. Our general kicking has to be the worst in the comp, we really need Flanagan to take more kicking responsibility, we should be aiming to kick long and low into the corners when...
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    The Rumours Thread

    I read a bit of the chapter about the Dragons in Bennett’s latest book. It was interesting to read that for most of 2010, including the finals, we went into games with only one proper front rower in Weyman. Bennett relied heavily on those hard nosed second rowers we had in the team. Perhaps this...
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    The Rumours Thread

    Forget about AFB. We should be targeting Kurt Capewell. He is the BeauScott/Jeremy Smith type signing we need.
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    The Rumours Thread

    Now that we have Tom, we should go for Matthew if Penrith are willing to release him 1 year early. May just be the tonic we need, some honest hard working forwards.
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    The Rumours Thread

    Thanks for sharing possm. I always enjoy reading your trademark blue posts, keep up the great work.
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    The Rumours Thread

    We should be looking in the the UK for potential signings. We should employ Widdop/Graham as scouts. I’m sure there are a few decent players looking to prove themselves in the NRL. We should sign 2-3 and really look after them, i.e. organise their accomodation, study needs etc.
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    The Rumours Thread

    Turuva would be ideal. Someone like Sorenson would be fantastic, but it’s going to be very hard to pry anyone away from that Penrith system to join us.
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    The Rumours Thread

    No it is not. We need an organising 7, he has previously won a comp under the coach, he won’t break the bank. I think he ticks a lot of boxes.
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    The Rumours Thread

    We really don’t look like an attractive club to sign with at the moment. We really need a solid start to next season, then hopefully some of these possible signings can see we are on our way up. As a few others have mentioned before, we are really 12 months behind where we should be. Flanno...
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    Adam Reynolds Broncos to Dragons ?

    He played decent footy at left centre for us when he first came back, was a great at putting away the winger for a try. Then we signed Suli and kept moving him around in the team. Centre is his best position.
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    Coach Flanno

    He has won 3 premierships in a row, surely he brings something to our struggling team. He could bring out the best in Kyle Flanagan. I would be definitely be targeting Laui.
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    Ryles it is NOT - Rejects Dragons

    It’s quite simple really. They need to sign Shane Richardson first. Let him find the right coach.
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    Ben Hunt To be Released to Dragons beforeJune 30!!

    Throw in Prior and the Waterboy and you have yourself a deal!
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    Graham as Packer replacement

    Opps, my bad (Dugan). Regardless, Dogs are possibly looking to offload Graham. Those rumours about him going to Newcastle have been around for a while.
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    Graham as Packer replacement

    I think we should seriously consider bringing James Graham to the Dragons, for perhaps a 1-2 year deal. - Graham is desperate to win an NRL title - Vaughan is fantastic, but we still need a hard nosed no nonsense prop who has some mongrel when Packer leaves. Graham fits the bill. - Grubs may...
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    Great to see Luciano re-sign. And I also think Millward has found his mojo in his new role, well done.
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    Dragons Extend Robson Contract

    Good to see we are retaining most of our promising juniors. Millward has found his forte in recruiting rather than coaching.

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