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  1. Flapper

    Most disliked journalists covering RL

    Was also good when Kent was bagging the new Dally M votecasters being ex players and Gorden's gone "well who do you think should be doing it then?" So much spluttering my car stereo starting leaking saliva
  2. Flapper

    Tigers on the Hunt for New Coach.

    What's the point in that case? We'll be back exactly where we started with too much player power. We need a coach completely detached from the club in every way.
  3. Flapper

    24 Hour NRL channel

    My question would be if this replaces Fox 2, does that mean hotels that carry the 1, 2 & 3 sports channels on their particular Foxtel packages, will this mean Fox League will be just as readily accesible as Fox Sports 2 is now and won't be like the AFL one which is outside the official Fox...
  4. Flapper

    Phil Rothfield

    You're either being deliberately obtuse or accidentally moronic, if someone says something and you say its made up usually you have some proof up your sleeve that can back that up. Unless of course you are just saying it because you don't like what was said and you have no evidence that EA's...
  5. Flapper

    Phil Rothfield

    Speaking of forget mate, source your claims.
  6. Flapper

    Phil Rothfield

    I'm sure you'll post a source proving that it's made up of course.
  7. Flapper

    2016 Crowd Watch

    Why wasn't it shown live in Adelaide just out of curiosity? Are Nine SA just thumbing their noses at the broadcast deal or doesn't it include them even though it's meant to?
  8. Flapper

    Greyhound Racing shut down in NSW

    Certainly some scalding hot takes in here. I guess some people do side with a "niche industry" considering how the Baird government had the biggest fall in net satisfaction in recorded Newspoll history after the greyhound ban, or how the Nationals have had a Fort Knox seat turn into possibly a...
  9. Flapper

    Attention people who have been to the GF before

    I went in 2009, won two tickets into a box with Jonesy & Amanda. Me and my bro in law were there a half hour before everyone else. I reckon we were pissed by the time a second person showed up.
  10. Flapper

    2017 NRL Club Membership

    It had Unite. Commit. Achieve. on this year's bumper sticker at any rate. I hope we keep it now the reason for our division has finally f**ked off thank Christ.
  11. Flapper

    Andrew Webster & GWS

    To get that much out of Jude Bolton, given he's an AFL stooge, is a success IMO. Triple M NRL's hosts are a lot more hostile to AFL than they're allowed to let on; Anthony Maroon would shit on an AFL flag if given the chance :):)
  12. Flapper

    2GB, ABC or Triple M, who do you listen to for your league coverage?

    It's even written in a way that Dan Ginnane would say it!
  13. Flapper

    Why does Sydney media hate rugby league?

    "mental health". if the strong rumours surrounding that bloke surrounded a Rugby League player they would be at the very least alluded to heavily in print, more likely splashed across the front page.
  14. Flapper

    Fox Sports NRL shows for 2016

    I tried searching it for you but couldn't find it, but it was Meshel Laurie that got into her on Nova Brisbane, and it was exactly as bipolar as you described. As soon as she realised it wasn't going to be an agreeathon it's as if a switch went off in her head.
  15. Flapper

    Dr Gary Weiss appointed to ARLC

    Well you two are clearly Weiss guys.
  16. Flapper

    Scheduling, TV allocations, Ratings and the madness of ch 9.

    How does that even remotely answer my question?
  17. Flapper

    Scheduling, TV allocations, Ratings and the madness of ch 9.

    Why should it be up to the NRL to fix 9's f**k up?
  18. Flapper

    declining interest in matches involving neutral teams

    I watch every single game I am available to watch. Because Rugby League is f**king great.
  19. Flapper

    Hayne signs with Gold Coast

    Says the kumquat who threadcraps with his Anti-NRL HQ biases. WELSH BANKER amirite?
  20. Flapper

    Hayne signs with Gold Coast

    You got that right, Rugby League fans are the f**king worst sometimes. This is a good thing for Rugby League, hence I am embracing it like its got a cracking rack.

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